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Back to back client meetings today ☕️ Loving my latest impulse purchase - the new @bigwaustralia Denver ottoman. Completely unnecessary but oh so gorgeous! Happy Friday friends! 🌿✌🏻️ ✉️ www.monohome.com.au #monohome #interiordesign

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Luxury is not about clutter or piling your home high with furniture and a few statement pieces like some Ironman figures and paintings goes a long way! Personalize your home with a few statement pieces to make a big impact and impress your guests! #modern and #rustic by @artrenddesignsg

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When furnishing an entire house, designers usually recommend to start with the room that is used the most -- the family room -- and move on to the next. Since the family room is considered as the main area in terms of comfort, start with the sofa, which is the largest piece of furniture in the room. Check out our wide selection of sofa and other key home furniture at any Wilcon branch near you. #wilcondepot #MyHome #myhomedesign #house #housegoals #furniture #home #hometips #homedecor #homedesignideas #homedesign #interior #interiordesign #interiordesigner

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Are you in the grueling process of planning and designing your dream home? Here are 7 important things to remember when building a house. 1. DESIGN If you are planning to build your dream home you will need a good design. Design is very personal and the taste of your neighbor may not be the same as yours. Listen to your gut and find a designer or plan that feels like a fit. 2. LOCATION Whether your site is the middle of an urban neighborhood or in a rural area, make sure the location is right for you. This might seem obvious, but sometimes our heart decides before our head. 3. LANDSCAPING Landscaping is one of the items that tends to be the least priority because it can always be done later. But home cannot be home without a good outdoor view. Getting plants in the ground, with irrigation if you need it, is the finishing touch to a project. 4. THE TEAM A good team is probably the most important thing for a successful project. A good team will certainly include your contractor, architects, it can also include designers and engineers. 5. TIMELINE Building a home is a very long process. It may easily take a few years from the sparkle in your eye to turning the key in the door. 6. LONG TERM SCENE We imagine living in our own homes and never having to move to a place that offers assistance. A home that is built for aging in place is easy to navigate and is in a location that makes the daily experience of living easy, or a least doable. 7. BUDGET Building a house is expensive. If you want a well built house, WHICH YOU SHOULD, be prepared to spend some bucks. #GTStoneWorksAtYourService

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Journée super remplie et très éclectique. La journée a démarré avec une réception de chantier d'une maison campagne chic, avec sa salle de bain nature épurée. Très bientôt, la réalisation à découvrir... En milieu de journée, autre lieu, autre ambiance. Chantier in progress so parisian avec sa salle de bain marbre blanc. Et plein d'autres choses, hâte de vous montrer 😍

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Still can’t decide between solid hardwood and engineered wood? Our team of experts at our showroom can guide you through the decision process and find the floor that will fit your style #CanadianHomeStyle

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Not at all pumped up for hump day? Begin your morning with a relaxing soak in a set up like this and you’ll never want to miss your alarm again. GROHE SPA® Collections Award-winning designs for a lifetime of performance and enjoyment – each piece the perfect marriage of form and function. Let our carefully edited collections of premium fittings take your bathroom to a new level. Available at a Wilcon Depot branch near you. #wilcondepot #MyHome #myhomedesign #house #housegoals #bathtub #bedroom #bathroom #bathroomgoals #bathroomaccessories #home #interior #interiordesign #architecture

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