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Morel (Morchella esculenta Fr. - Ascomycota) is one of world's most valuable mushrooms known for its rich and strong flavor. The mushroom is naturally available in North America and Europe, some can be found in French Guiana and New Zealand, ready for cultivation. Yet, to Indonesian, this mushroom is one of the expensive commodities since it only available by import, and confusion by locals for poisonous mushroom as they growth wildly in some area around Lembang, West Java (survey on 3 people in Bosscha Observatorium). Now, what if I take it to the lab, propagate them, and later letting the local to taste it? Well, let's do it! The pure cultures are ready, we're going to do trial on bag log testing tomorrow! #morel #mushroom #mushroomgrowing #mushroomcultivation #fungi #fungus

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