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#TipTuesday - This one is god-damn scary, we all HATE feeling rejected or that we're annoying someone. But at the end of the day you're running a business so you totally have the right to ASK FOR BUSINESS!⠀ ⠀ You really don't have to F*ck up the Vibe of your feed to do this or feel guilty about it. Just shoot out a post every now and then letting your audience know who you are, what you do and why they should work with/buy from you... Selling doesn't have the be sleazy. 💕

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WINTER IS COMING - ARE YOU READY? ❄️ If you are in Australia then Winter is just nine short days away. If you are one of those people that shudders at the thought, and gets sick numerous times during the colder month, don't just wait for it to happen - be proactive about boosting your immune health now in preparation. Being unwell not only affects work productivity but your entire quality of life. Think about it as your natural health insurance. There is so much that can assist you in the way of herbal, nutritional, lifestyle and dietary considerations. Let me tailor you a personalised plan to tackle Winter head on. Contact details in my bio. Thanks for the reminder and 📷 @wholesome.living.ayurveda xx

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Time … it is a funny thing. We can never get enough of it. People don’t join Rodan + Fields because they have time. They JOIN Rodan + Fields because they WANT time. Perhaps it’s just a little extra cash to afford help at home to free up precious hours to spend with loved ones. Or it’s the ability to lighten a career that keeps you or your spouse away far more hours than you want. Only you can control how you decide to spend it or how you are going to save it. This week I had a team member dial into a meeting from the hairdressers. She was getting a fabulous style - plus learning best practices. The very next day she grew her team by 200%. If she didn’t take the time to dial in, she may have not been motivated to make those calls a few hours later. Did she have the time? I can’t say for sure … but I do know she found a way to make the time. If you are interested in finding out more about Rodan and Fields, this is the time. Why not Pre-enroll? It is free and it's the best opportunity to set up your own business prior to Rodan + Fields launch later this year. Your time and future is in your hands. Pre-enroll here - https://www.rodanandfields.com.au/P3292

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|| Cheeky Tuesday || . Throw back to when it was warmer, little Rubi rocking her FLORAL CXB's! . We only have a few pairs left if these as they've been super popular. . Shop link in BIO 🔝 . . #floral #custom #pink #adventures #babyaccessories #babyadventures #letthembelittle #kickstagram #childhoodunplugged #kidsatplay #kidsgotstyle #kidsfashion #babyfashion #aussiebrandreps #skf_au #stylishkidsaustralia #childhoodadventures #fun #happy #outdoors #igcutest #igbabies #igkids #shophandmade #handmadeconnect #bosslady #mumpreneur #cheekyxb èbè #reppingcxb

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@theuniquemumpreneur ・・・ Great day today with mastermind group two: *catching up on last months actions, *setting actions for the next month, *moving closer to their six month goals, *tracking results of last months Facebook ads, *working out their customer journey, *learning how to cross/up sell other products and services, *building contacts to help make/save money to reflect on a bigger profit margin. Love being able to work in a small group to really help propel their businesses forward!! This action shot was after an activity we did laying out their customer journeys there and then!! Learning by doing!!! Now a week of one to ones and an online course to promote 👌 Love my 'work' 💞 #mastermind #mastermindgroup #business #entrepreneurship #entrepreneur #worklifebalance #learning #businesstips #businessdevelopment #businessowner #mumboss #mumslife #mumblogger #mumpreneurs #mumpreneur # #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurofinstagram #awardwinner #advice #support #supportsmallbusiness #supportlocal #positivity #lovemywork #lovebusiness #lovewhatyoudo #womeninbusiness

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Confidence is like a super power when it comes to business ownership. Your ability can stay exactly the same but the minute you really start believing in what you're capable of, the results you see improve exponentially. As a man thinketh in his heart so is he. You've got this! #entrepreneurmindset #Confidence #Faith #onlybelieve #startupjourney #startuplife #BusinessOwner #entrepreneur #PropelWomen #Hustle #Success #successtip #SuccessMindset #Womeninbusiness #mumpreneur #Propelwomen #shemeansbusiness #Ladyboss

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This salad made our guests spoke different heavenly languages at the get-together we catered to. Twas that fresh! Yummy, healthy, fresh veggies. Peep the other tray photo-bombing and screaming for attention. Lol We made 3medium size trays and they still wanted more. Order up these trays of yummy fresh salads and other delicious meals from us and get your tummies delighted. You know how we do it, details in Bio or simply DM.

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