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2 hours ago

Tonight I stared at my two children while they played, Bobbie pretended to be a snappy crocodile while teddy crawled away screaming with the most infectious laughter. I watched the snappy crocodile catch teddy then say 'I'm not a scary croc I'm just your big bro!' Completely overwhelmed and filled with love just watching their budding friendship, brolife and love for one and other. I'm now laid in bed feeling very lucky while one snores & the other sleep babbles in their room☺️ completely and utterly overwhelmed with life at the moment. Where reaching the top again boys💕goodnight 😴💕 #onelife #imthankfulformyfamily #bedtimethoughts #mumlife #mummabear #mummiesboys #mumstheword #happyhearts 🖤

4 hours ago

•HUMP DAY• i know i have been back to work 2 weeks but it has only just started to sink in now. I feel i am working more than being with Roman (which im not but it feels it) and missing him as much as i do has brought my anxiety on slightly! Thankfully i am managing to deal with it but i am well aware its there. Hoping its a bad week and will snap out if it! 🙄🙄 No time for freak outs right now thanks 👍🏽

4 hours ago

DUDE! I can't believe I have a 🔟 week old 😜 this is CRAY!! This boy is mastering rolling from his tummy to his back, sleeping in his nursery [still in the rock 'n play but at least he is in his room] AND he slept 5 hours straight last night 🎉😀👊🏼 Oh Camden James we love you so much, and one of these days you will let me capture your beautiful smile on camera...but for now, we'll stick with the serious face 😐👶🏻💙

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