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It is a very strange feeling not having a firm sense of self so late in life. Forget about careers, I’m only just exploring and cultivating life experience. . Recall that I have been on my own for four years. Prior to that I was kept on a tight leash and often criticized for wanting to try new things. Notably, how asking to visit friends would result in a screaming match - the victor out tiring the other and claiming their prize. Eventually I got tired of saying things that would trigger fights, so my bedroom became my world. Shortly after, I lost all motivation to do anything for myself. Not even think. I was a goldfish. . Now at 26, the feeling of making up for lost time can be overwhelming. When you live a life walking on eggshells, you develop habits or survival mechanisms to help you cope with the environment. Those strategies don't serve me anymore; though changing something I've been practicing most of my life is going to take time. I must be gentle with myself and celebrate achievements and self discoveries along the way. . Thanks for reading! . P.S. remember to say yes to more opportunities (non threatening to your values, of course) and see where it takes you. I have been pleasantly surprised as I slowly open up to let life happen. . . . #selfcare #love #gentle #mentalhealth #awareness #selflove #recovery #healing #life #personal #movingforward

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Current mobility difference

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I was trying to cut the pieces for the huge Tudor rose that has to go on a 6' X 5' banner. Two of those. I cut the huge white pieces they will go on too. That table is 4 feet wide, so... huge. Going to be interesting to cram into the sewing machine. Up there in the corner is the pile of green skirts that got dyed today! ✂️✂️ #artbusiness #sewingstudio #movingforward

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A revelation. I've heard this before but just not put into these words. I've been stressing wondering what I am doing wrong. Why isn't anyone interacting on my Facebook page? Why isn't anyone liking my blog posts? I spend endless hours coming up with content and choosing the right photo. But my posts aren't my business - I've been laser focused on the wrong thing. It's building relationships with people that is most important. And that means spending less time worrying about what I'm going to post for the day and way more time focused on following up with the people that need the service and products that I offer. It's not about me. It's about them and all of you.

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