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It feels odd that you are away at a music festival and this social media platform is the way of the warrior mom. 18yrs ago today you entered the world and added a new kind of sparkle to everything. You have a lovely heart and a sharp mind. I am proud of you daughter. Happy birthday Annie. Always take the high road and continue to share compassion. And, remember your beauty comes from within, choose your experiences with forethought and exit them if they are not a match--follow your gutt, keep your side of the street clean, make your boundaries clear with dignity and grace. You can do difficult things with strength and humility. Sometimes some people have a bigger void to fill with love and doesn't mean you are not enough. Your supply is abundant. Think better thoughts and feel better feelings and know you can rewrite your story at the moment of your choosing. You know these truths--and will define them again and again with your own efforts. And, your entitlement is to make your own way rather than expect it without putting in the work. I am here. Trust in God. I love you. #happybirthday #18 #momsanddaughters #blessed

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