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I never understood why, when I told people I have 3 sons, they looked at me with shock and horror.."oh bless your heart" "you poor thing" "when are you trying for a girl?"🙃 The reality is, I love #mythreesons They couldn't be more different and yet I love them all the same. They bring to the table chaos, noise, mess but also great big love, the best hugs I've ever known and a joy that can light up the darkest days. Love my little men to the farthest galaxy and back💙💙💙. #love #mommy #momofboys #mommylife #boys #lovenotfear #spiritualparenting #connection #reiki #reikimaster #spiritual #bestjobever

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Monday got me feeling... 😴 Exhausted, tired, over it, drowsy whatever you may or may not feel, I am totally feeling like this photo 👆🏻. I was chatting to @lauraritchie85 today, our girls are close in age, speaking about picking up the wake of toys after a toddler. And man oh man, my hamstrings are killing me today after all the picking up on repeat. Yoh! How do you keep your house in check? Or don't you? I am feeling a major toy cleanse is needed. . . . . Keys// girl, 1 person, baby, room

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BIG shout out to @fiendq tonight, not only because they take some amazing photos for bluebrontide 😘 but because her little one's (Liv) on the cover of roomblush's catalogue! How cool is that? 👏

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Soooo, when it comes to products that claim they will lengthen, plump or change eyes, lips or otherwise I am a 100% total skeptic! 😒 That somehow has never stopped me from trying about a bazillion beauty products from Walmart to Nordstrom and everything in between 🤦🏻‍♀️💰😂I rarely get as excited about a product as I have LipSense 💋 and nowwwww I have a companion product that I am sitting in amazement of! 🙌 These are pics of my lips on Friday and then today after using our Lip Volumizer morning and night each day between! 😳 I only have 1 of these in stock but can order more today! They are gonna sell out quick so don't wait! Since I signed up in Feb this product has even Out of Stock (for obvious reasons) so I am just getting my hands on it now!!!! $50 No Tingle, Super Soft Feeling! #ahhhmazing

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