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Celebrating our 1st sale to the Lovely Land Down Under !

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When I started my breastfeeding journey a little over a year ago, I struggled with my confidence when nursing in public. I was still working on improving P's latch and the last thing I needed was my blouse slouching down over her tiny, sweet face and blocking my view. I remember asking a friend, "How do you nurse in normal tops without the shirt constantly falling down?!" Her reply...I use my chin. 🤔 Another friend said she often used her teeth to hold the shirt up until baby was latched. I desperately needed and wanted something to help with this common problem. Something to make the experience EASIER for us all. That's how Flutter was born! ♥️ I created a solution to the problem AND I wanted that solution to be pretty, so I could wear it daily! ❔❔❔How many of you can relate to using funny techniques to hold your blouse up while nursing or pumping?! 📷: @chermogenes - Thank you for sharing this beautiful photo of your Grey Mink Flutter with two birthstones! [Shop link in bio!]

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Have you looked at the ring section of our shop lately? We have recently added some new designs including this tiny type set. 😍

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Moms, dads or any member of the family can wear this Family Tree necklace In stainless steel Price : 600.00 Includes 3 round tags in different sizes Can be 1, 2 or 3 names per tag. 3 chains to choose from How to Order Viber/SMS : 09178572960 (Nationwide shipping) Discount on bulk orders for souvenirs/giveaways. Buy handmade. Support the local artisans and craftspeople! #giftsph #handmadeph #love #tagsph #handcraftsph #personalized #customizedph #souvenirsph #giveaways #brideph #weddings #mom #momsph #mommyjewelry #handstampedjewelryph

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Sterling Silver Charm • Personalized with your meaningful phrase, quote or message ❤

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Love is love is love... love always wins. Love this symbol of three heart entwined... her husband was in a near fatal accident leaving her to care for her daughter and special needs son. The kindness and support offered to her by these two has brought her back to life... she ordered these for their trip to Disneyland (notice the cute little Mickey! ) to show her appreciation and thanks... love always always wins. Love heals. Love has no limitations. #designsbydijewelry #customjewelry #mommyjewelry #lovealwayswins

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