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Taking a bump day. Learning. Resting. Enjoy the weather ☀️

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Gooood morning ❤|| Elijah woke for a bottle at 2:50am and sculled the whole thing. He has just dozed back to sleep 😍 this mumma is looking forward to crawling back in to bed in the next few minutes 🙌🏻 / I've been a little absent from here lately because I've been working excitedly in Elijah's nap times on a brand new website for my business. It's finally ready and hoping to launch it tonight now with afterpay 😍🎉 sooooo excited!!!! @mylittlebirdies_

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Does anyone else feel like they're just bathing babes all day? I have to bathe my littlest probably 3 times a day. My other children don't like being dirty but I think she thrives on it. 😭 🛁 We want to make sure we're nice and clean and of course, beautiful because we're headed to pick up Daddy who has been gone for quite a few days! 🙌🏻✈️

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I can't believe this beauty is about to be 7 months old already. I remember being pregnant and wondering what you would look like and what kind of personality you would have and you have exceeded my expectations to say the least. I love being your mommy and I couldn't imagine life any other way 💕 • • • • • • #baby #babiesofinstagram #sixmonthsold #mommy #mom #motherhood #firsttimemom #firsttimemommy #teethingbaby #sitting #standingbaby #postpartum #mommyvlogger #mommyblogger #babyootd #babymodel #babymodel #babyclothes #momlife #momlifeisthebestlife #sahm

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After spending a good portion of our weekend out in the garden planting flowers and vegetables, I thought it would be nice to set up some play that linked to that. We were given this little @Lego Duplo garden set as a gift and haven't really used it to its full potential before. It has all the elements needed for growing (I'm missing the sunshine piece and the rain and a few other vegetables!) so can really be used nicely as an educational play tool. While the little one was napping, I had my 4 year old  this set up in the play room with me. We talked about what we were doing in the garden. He is a little expert about all things 'growing' because they have been covering it the past month at school. When my toddler woke up and saw the 'garden' we created, he ran to the back door wanting his shovel. Once he had that in hand, he playfully scooped up the lego piles of dirt and vegetables and loaded them into a little wheelbarrow and fed the lego people. He is really starting to get into his role playing and pretend playing, which is great for both myself and his brother! Maybe I will start getting a little break every now and again!

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We took a long tail boat to Ko Bon Island today as a fam, it was super beautiful and we had the island to ourselves. Gracie gets a bit freaked out by loud motor type sounds, don't blame her, so the whole way there and back she just wanted to be held. I kept explaining to her that it's not scary...The crazy thing about being a parent is that your kids actually believe the things you say. At times I am overwhelmed at the responsibility of being one of the two most influential people in my kids lives. But how cool is it that I can speak truth over my little girl that she will remember for the rest of her life. I want to show her that it's ok to be afraid, but to not trust the fear. . . . . . . . . #travelmom #travel #travelingtheworld #travelingtheworldwithkids #travelingwithkids #momlifeisthebestlife #onaboat #longtailboat #truth #nofear #islandsofadventure #kobon #loverawai #rawaivipvillas #thailand #phuketthailand #phuket #daddysgirl #adventureawaits

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✖ Sommeroutfit ✖ . . Passend dazu kam die Tage unsere erste Flasche von @twistshakebaby Natürlich in schwarz ♡ Die Jungs trinken so viel, dass ich gar nicht genug Flaschen und Becher in der Wohnung verteilen kann. Wie sieht es bei euch aus? Trinken eure Kleinen gerne oder müsst ihr ihnen für jeden Schluck hinterherlaufen? . . Mit dem Code 'tinaandherboys20 bekommt ihr übrigens 20% Rabatt auf das komplette #twistshake Sortiment und der Versand erfolgt weltweit kostenlos 🌍👌 ______________________________________________ #lovemyboys #momofthree #dreiunterdrei #bubenmama #mommyblogger #mommyblogger_de #instamama #instamamablogger #kids #kinder #instakids #kidsofinstagram #twinsofinstagram #zwillinge #zwillingsjungs #twinmomlife #jungsmama #toddler #motherhood #momlifeisthebestlife #instamamagang #kooperation

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When you radiate your inner beauty, it makes your outer beauty that much more gorgeous!! Look at this doll 😍💗

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Part of me can't believe that you're 14 months old, and the other part of me can't believe that you've only been in our lives for 14 months! How did we ever live without you little dude?!? ❤️

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Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined. | If a park is around, chances point to Gabriel's going to conquer it. #growingupgabriel

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You have power over your mind, not outside events. Realize this and you will find STRENGTH! #mompower #motivation

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