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8 minutes ago

So this happened today while I was getting my workout in... River always likes to be part of the action while I'm working out, but today Delanie decided she wanted to be involved too. AND SHE LAID RIGHT DOWN WITH HIM!!!! Maybe the pillow was blocking him and she didn't know that River was there, or maybe the Feliway Diffusers are starting to work!!!!

9 minutes ago

Thankful that I get to spend every moment with these boys of mine and they get to be part of what LuLaRoe is doing for our family. My little cupid was a fantastic helper during my live event today. #becauseoflularoe

10 minutes ago

Any other Mama's struggle to let their kids have fun and make messes? While I should be enjoying a quiet moment watching my toddler have fun... I'm pondering how long it's going to take me to clean this all up. (Because let's face it... Mommy is the one that will be cleaning it. Am I right? Or am I right?) #momprobs

18 minutes ago


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