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If you've known me the last 2years you will know how much I have been inspired by the things I see this young Man do. From his focus,his achievements,his poise to his writing.I definitely didn't know better than the things I have read about him. Today I had the privilege of meeting him and he was everything and more. We had a great conversation ,from business advice to self development tips.I could say that I had a life coach in him for the less than one hour we spent chatting .So much I wanted to say to him but his wealth of wisdom was poured out to me freely so I just listened.whew😁😂😅 I'm sure the smiles, the laughter and tears I poured out he couldn't understand but this moment was a gift to me. If anything will top this moment for me this year it will be meeting and working with Ophra Winfrey lol. In all of this what touched my Soul the most Was The fact that he held my hands and said a prayer for me. That meant so much. You're a great Man dear @debolalagos and I know they don't make your kind anymore but I pray that all I took from you will be put to great use and may my son grow to be the best version of you and more.Thank you for lunch, Thank you for your advice, Thank you for being kind enough to share your knowledge,Thank you for your prayers but most importantly u thank I God for letting you share you're time with me.I pray that God bless you with his choicest blessings!!! #betterdaysarecoming #moments #gratitudeovereverything #Thankful

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The first time we did it I was scared to death I snuck out in that cotton dress jumped on in and we drove to the lake put my hand on his knee an said I can't wait he had everything we needed in the bed of his truck turns out my baby loves to .. fish !! I wanna do it all the time early in the morning and in the middle of the night I'm hooked an I can't get enough man that girl sure loves to fish! ☀️🎣 #lilme #toocute #fishin #summerdays #happiness #GodisGood #fun #silly #beautiful #takechances #countrygirlsdoitbetter #countrylivin #sweeterthanhoney #southernbelle #backthen #life #moments #memoriesmade #daughteroftheking #hooked #live4this

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