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1 day ago

Another windy day in Mallorca 🌾 Our today's hairstyle is dedicated to the wonderful Micala @plaititudes who is always a huge inspiration for me! Thank you for making me learn a new braid #suspendedinfinitybraid ! I did a pigtail version, because I think to remember that you like pigtails as much as we do! Thank you for being here ❤️️ Apart of that, I have to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you, wonderful followers, who support us and make us smile daily with your likes and amazing comments! We reached 1000 tonight and I still can't believe that! Leanne @3_little_girls_hair_ so proud to tell you that you reached 1000 too!!!! Who would have imagined all this last summer? Hugs and kisses to everyone ❣️ Had so much to say today... and nearly forgot a very important point: These braids were possible thanks to gorgeous Jenni @jennishairdays!!! Without your great youtube tutorial I would not have managed to do it! Thank you so much!!

3 days ago

😍😍😍👱🏻‍♀️ #Repost @missysueblog with @repostapp ・・・ Lace Braid Updo 🎥🌸 👉 Click the link in my bio to watch the full tutorial on YouTube and feel free to tag a friend 👭who'd love it too! 💕 #MissySueBlog

3 days ago

I hope you all have a relaxing Sunday! For giving my daughter a rest from hairstyles, we did a quick woven headband that we saw @missysueblog this week. . Enjoy your day my friends 💕

5 days ago

Friday is Bun-day.... I planned to do Kate's @beautifulbouffants #5strandbraid into a bun because I loved it and promised her to try it... . Dear Kate, I didn't manage to do it. The strands were slipping through my fingers and I got nervous. Finally I did a 5strand braid in the front snd wrapped it around a #ropetwist bun. Hope you all like it and Kate's pretty bun stays on my to-do-list 💕 . Have a wonderful day out there! #plb500contest #bbbupdocontest

1 week ago

Stormy weather for Mallorca today! Trencita's chose pigtails for school today and we added #5strandbraids ! . . The 5 strands are for you, Leanne @3_little_girls_hair_ 😘 . . Have a nice Wednesday!!

1 week ago

Does the new year mean more #gym visits for you? If it does (or even if it doesn't 😊), @missysueblog has some easy Gym Hairstyle tutorials you should check out! #Repost @missysueblog ・・・ A new tutorial is up on MissySue.com for 3 Easy Gym Hairstyles! 💪🏋️‍♀️ Forget about a boring ponytail + try one of these instead! 💻👉 Tutorial link in my bio! #missysueblog

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