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Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking. ✨

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I love movement in an outfit. It's adds to it's "twirl-ability" factor (that's a thing right?) check out my latest post with a familiar dress 😘 Link in profile

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Sometimes it's hard to remember why...

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A few fun facts about me because I've never actually shared any on here. 💁🏼 1. I LOVE ice cream! 2. I just love love! I love photographing it and I love loving people. 3. I am a pastors wife, but yet so much more than a "pastors wife". I get put into a box so quickly because of it and I really can't wait to talk more about this subject. 4. I'm an extremely passionate photographer who captures a lot of love. 5. I love working out daily. 6. I'm extremely real. My husband thinks I'm too real but I can't help it. I just state things as they are. (But in a kind and loving way obv 💁🏼) 7. I'm married to an incredible & hott guy who happens to be a pastor. We kinda sorta run a church together as a team and i wouldn't have it any other way. 8. Did I mention I love ice cream? (This is really important, because if we ever hang out on a weekend, we'll most likely be having ice cream or coffee) I could say so much more but I'll save more facts for my blog 🤗 / 📸 @eloiphotography #jkinstachallenge

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we all go through seasons in life where disappointment hits and fear takes over. it's easy to feel alone, but this morning I was reminded that I am in fact not alone.. and what a sweet feeling it is xo _______________ isaiah 41

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It's been a little quiet around here... I am sharing what has kept me away from Instagram (and its numbers game...) on noanoir.com today - direct link in bio. Would love to read your thoughts!💡

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Casual rainy days 🌧☔️

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