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#فان 😂😂 بیچاره پسره نابوود شددد😂😂 کیا میفهمن حال پسره رووو؟😂😂 آخه اینقد تفاوت داریم مگهه😂😂 دوستاتونو لطفا تگ کنید🙏🙏 با بهترین ها با ما همراه باشید🌹🌹👇 @4fun_clipss 🌟تبلیغات با کمترین هزینه💸 پیام دایرکت🌟 #fun #fun_time #فان_کلیپ #فان_تایم #دوربین_مخفی #خنده #massage #ماساژ

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Hoje foi dia de conhecer o @buddhaspa 🙌🏼 depois de uma semana super corrida, fiz uma massagem relaxante 🍃🍃 acho que foi a hora mais bem aproveitada da semana 😅 a gente só percebe que precisa e que está mega tensa depois que começa a fazer a massagem. Super indico, já que sempre estamos na correria e fazemos tudo tão automático que esquecemos quão necessário é dar uma pausa para relaxar 💆🏻💆🏻 #spa #relaxing #massage

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USE YOUR DAMN LEGS, NOT YOUR BACK 😊 . Awesome post, video and even tunes 🎵 by @dr.jacob.harden . This video does a great job displaying the forces acting on the body in relation to the spine. Check it out ⤵️ . . You've all heard that you should lift with your legs and not your back. But I feel like no one ever explains why?😞 So I had some 🎬 editing fun with this video from my buddy @jake.price.dc out in Houston. . You see, it all comes down to physics.📐 You have this thing called a "moment arm". This is the shortest distance from the axis of rotation (hip joint here) and the line of force from whatever your lifting. A longer moment arm means the weight is relatively heavier and more strenuous to lift because the load is further away. Shorter is the opposite. . To understand better hold a ⛃10 pound weight by your side and then extend your arm fully. You'll find the latter to be heavier because the weight is further away. . ❌So when you keep the load far away, it's harder to lift, more stress on your back, and harder to keep a stable spinal position. Not good! . ✅Instead, get the load as close as possible, get tight and stable, and lift from there. That may have you squatting it up like the video or doing more of a deadlift motion. Either way, you want that weight as close as possible. . Share this with a friend and let's spread the word on better lifting mechanics. No more injuries from bad technique! . 🎵- Oh Devil - Electric Guest . #MyodetoxOrlando #Myodetox

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Elbow Pain?! Stretch the Forearms! [flexors/extensors] - When the forearms become tight things like golfers and tennis elbow can become an issue🎾⛳️ An easy way to check if the muscles of the forearm are limited is checking their range of motion! - - 💥Place your elbows by your side.. 💥Make a fist with the palms facing down.. 💥Now Extend and flex the wrists.. 💥We are looking for about 70 degrees of motion in both directions.. - - Here’s how to perform the forearm stretch! 1️⃣ Kneel on the ground 2️⃣ Place your palms on the ground with your fingers facing your body 3️⃣ Slowly lean back increasing the stretch 👉This is stretching the flexors 4️⃣ Flip your hands over so the back of the hands are on the floor and fingers still pointing at your body 5️⃣ Slowly lean back increasing the stretch 👉This is stretching the extensors - - Leave a comment below if you have any questions about this stretch 🙌🏻. - - #joetherapy #forearms #wrists

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Great animation on what's happening to the body after prolonged sitting. - - Sitting is considered to be the new smoking due to the amount of health risks that come with a sedentary lifestyle. Car 🚗 sitting, office chair, back to 🚗 traffic to the couch at 🏡. - - Anterior pelvic tilt video coming later this morning. - - Video by @muscleandmotion

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🎾Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis) is typically an overuse injury. Try this out to help ease the pain :) . MASSAGE: Here we want to relax the extensors bunched up at the epicondyle. You can use your fingers like I did, your thumb, or even roll a lacrosse ball over them. Take your time and don't rush this. Apply pressure and relax. . STRETCH: Place your hand on a surface palm up. Straighten your arm and rotate it out. This feels real real niiiice. . PERFORM: Using a light weight ( you can even use a hammer if you don't have light dumbbells at home) supinate and pronate your forearm. Slight pause at each end, rotate it to 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock. . 🎶 Yuna- Crush (Cover by @alexisrobertstm) Now continue the fap session #MassageStretchPerform

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We have to keep our body "HAPPY" .besides demolishing our workouts, we MUST implementing all the necessities such as proper warming ups, spending xx-amount of time stretching, last but not least seeking weekly massages, if need be revise your check list. Karen Garrett @karengarrett80 is my go to massage therapist the above will allow endless improvements throughout your physique shortcuts will delay the obvious. If ever in the Las Vegas area feel free to go online book with the best @karengarrett80 FixedByKG.com email FixedByKG@gmail.com you guarantee professional services ortho performance massage therapy and alignment. #erotic #springbreak #perfectbody #massage #ChecksandBalances #massager #powerfit #spend #push #powerfulwomen #pull #repeat #newage #stretch #lasvegas @hideyamagishi @bodicafe @cityatheticclub MsOlympia 10x

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Tudo que eu precisava agora no pós plantão! Hahaha 😍 quem mais queria???? É comum as pessoas relacionarem a massagem ao relaxamento ou à estética. O que ainda não é muito difundido são os benefícios dela como tratamento terapêutico preventivo, para aprimorar a saúde corporal e mental. Segundo a Associação Brasileira de Medicina Complementar (ABMC), a massoterapia é um grupo de técnicas e procedimentos terapêuticos naturais, tradicionais e contemporâneos, praticados por profissionais qualificados, para manter a saúde das pessoas, aliviar tensões e reduzir o nível de estresse do mundo atual. #massagem #timetorelax #massage #med #saude # #saudeebemestar #zen #relaxando #relaxationtime #relaxation #massagemterapeutica

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A massage set of @Pranamat + Pranapillow is a total #musthave ! It allows you to #massage your whole body - from relieving tension in your neck & back, to smoothing the skin tone of your thighs. Feel limber, energized and ache-free with @Pranamat!

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Ingredients For Scrub: 1/2 of Brown sugar, 3 tbsp of Olive Oil, 4 tbsp of shampoo( makes it easier to massage and remove it without leaving any residue) and 10 drops of Tea tree oil.⠀ ⠀ Mix them and massage gently. Wash off after 20 minutes. You can do this twice a week.⠀ ⠀ ----------------------------------------------------------------⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #befitandfine #bfaf #skin #body #skincare #massage #haircare #hair #oliveoil oil #teaoil #beauty #looks #beautiful #shampoo

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Today has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL 🌼 Despite being Bruise Almighty (collar bone & shoulders took a bashing yesterday, Olympic lifting with @mathewlcarter @no_nonsense_pt was NOT gentle) but it makes me look tough riiiight?! @lifehousespa have treated us to a gorgeous afternoon of heaven. A posture workshop, mindfulness session in the sun, a massage & a delicious feast all with my girls @healthychefsteph @londonpaleogirl @julie.montagu & @rhitrition 💛 As always, I've plastered it all over my story so go head over there for a sneak peak 👀 This is what I did as soon as I got to my room & saw it had a garden with daisies everywhere 🌈

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Lazy bones*****

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So yeah... had some cupping done... 😍 obviously I needed it. lmao #cupping #massage

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I was going to put up a video of how to perform this advanced functional lunge but the video didn't come out right, so you can have a picture of it until I redo the video 😁😁 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ the band around my knee is applying a valgus (think knock kneed) force, the deep hip stabilisers and ankle stabilisers have to work SUPER HARD to ensure I keep my knee tracking over foot. Add some weight to it and you have yourself a SUPER advanced, functional resistance exercise!! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Again, if you are not confident on how to lunge adequately, GO BACK to the video a couple of days ago, learn how to nail the form and then progress with bands and weights!! I'll try to get the video up to you guys by Monday :) #physiotherapy #physio #physicaltherapy #fisioterapia #massage #yoga #pilates #isleofcapri #goldcoast #physiooncapri #caprionviaroma #health #fitness #injuryprevention #rehabilitation #gym #mobility #alliedhealth #squat #squats #lunges #lunge

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Quem me acompanha aqui no stories viu que hoje iniciei um novo tratamento de beleza, a Drenagem Linfática com o método Renata França com essa querida da foto, a @karinagarcia1010 !! O método que conquistou famosas como Taís Araújo, Sabrina Sato, Gabriela Pugliesi, Helena Bordon e Lalá Rudge, funciona como uma espécie de lipoescultura manual imediata, pois une as técnicas da massagem modeladora e da drenagem linfática em um só procedimento e os resultados de redução do inchaço corporal e curvas mais acentuadas são notáveis já na primeira sessão, eu juro que é verdade(quando criar coragem posto meu antes e depois pra vocês)!! A @karinagarcia1010 atende aqui na zona sul de Poa, tem mãos mágicas e vai acabar com as minhas gordurinhas! Acompanhem que vou mostrando os resultados! 😉 #miracletouch #renatafranca #drenagemlinfatica #massage #beauty #beautytips #beautyblogger #selfie

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SELF CARE!!! Why do I schedule my semi-annual dentist visit, get my hair cut & colored every few months, go to every physical therapy appointment, but look at getting a therapeutic massage (WHEN MY BODY REALLY NEEDS IT) as some type of luxury??? I realized just the other day how silly that thought is. The way I walk now, with a definite limp since my range of motion hasn't returned from ACL surgery, has my body feeling like a pretzel most of the time. A therapeutic massage would be sweet relief to my aching body. So, I went ahead and called my therapist who worked on my arm when I had a tennis elbow flare-up last year, and got on her schedule. I went ahead and booked two sessions over the next two weeks and I'll probably book two more. It's foolish to suffer and do nothing about it. It's not a luxury, but a necessity...especially if it contributes to my pain management in a positive way. I truly can't wait for my appointment!!! What self care appointment have you been holding off on setting, yet really think you should? 📷 @reallifelines #selfcare #preventativemedicine #massage

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[Driving Series] 🏎 . . Today I want to bring awareness to your Driving Biomechanics! Driving posture is something that is often overlooked when it comes to tension/pain in the neck and shoulders! . . In the ❌ top picture, you can see @moniquesong stuntin' and doing the gangster lean 😎. Although it looks cool (I'm guilty myself too 😆), it can create a lot of unnecessary tension in certain areas! 😵💥🔥. Her neck is also tilted in an "extended position". Over time, you can be shortening the posterior neck extensors, as well as your SCM muscle (neck flexor) Why is this bad? If enough tension builds up, it can cause tension headaches referring to the back of your head, forehead, even the back of your eyeballs 🙄. . . In the bottom picture, her head is sitting in a position where the cervical spine is neutral ✅. This reduces the workload of the levator scapula and upper traps (muscles that hold your head up when leaning forward) thus ⬇️ tension in the area = ⬇️ wear and tear on your body! How do I prevent this?! . . 🔑🔑TIPS🔑🔑 . . 1️⃣. When setting up your rear view mirror, try your best to position it while your neck is NEUTRAL (ears in line with shoulders looking straight ahead) and when you 👀 at the mirror, do so with your EYES (within your line of sight), and not tilting your head up). . . 2️⃣. When reclining the chair, make sure you're NOT sitting too low as well. The reason why is because when you are leaning too far back, you rely on your Sternocleidomastoid muscle (the muscle that flexes your neck forward, constantly contracting those muscles and building unnecessary tension. This can also lead to tension headaches as well! 😵💥🔥. . . 3️⃣. Make sure when your arms reach for the steering wheel, you aren't in a "protracted" state. If you are reaching too far forward for the steering wheel, you will overwork and lengthen the muscles on your back (rhomboids, middle and lower traps) to hold your posture ❌. Shoulders neutral would be the most ideal! . . LIKE/share/TAG a friend who has bad driving posture, and who would benefit from this post! . . Stay tuned for Part2️⃣!!😎 (it includes a posture reset exercise!)

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In a ground breaking study performed by the New England Journal of Medicine, 98 asymptomatic (pain free) people were given MRI examinations to determine the presence or absence of lumbar sic herniations. The findings were surprising.  Of the 98 individuals examined only 36% (about 36 people) had what doctors consider "normal discs at all levels". Over 52% had at least one disc bulge while 27% had at least one disc herniation!  The conclusion of the study... "The discovery by MRI of protrusions (disc herniations) in people with low back pain may frequently be coincidental." In a follow up study, the Cleveland Clinic performed the same Clinical​ trials over and over again imaging hundreds of subjects.  Their findings... "25% of all asymptomatic people who climb into an MRI machine will have a herniated disc... As many as 60% of healthy adults with no back pain have degenerative changes in their spines". What!  Seriously? Yes.  The Cleveland Clinic study was even published in the New York Times back in 2008!  Dr. Modic of the Cleveland Clinic wanted to examine symptomatic patients.  250 patients to be exact, all of whom had back pain or pain shooting down their leg which can commonly be caused by herniated lumbar discs.  The findings were that 60% of the subjects had herniated discs. "Ah ha" you say, the number goes up in people with pain.  But check this out. Six weks after the initial scan, another MRI was performed to determine the relationship between the patient's symptom changes and the imaging findings. The results, in 13% of the subjects the herniated disc had actually grown larger and in 15% the herniation had disappeared all together. The interesting part is that there was no, zero correlation between the presence of the disc injury on the second scan and patient symptoms. Some patients with no disc injury on the scan had gotten worse, and some with worse disc injuries on the scan had improved.  How do we explain this?! It's really simple.  The disc is not likely the primary cause of the patient's discomfort.   #backpain #mri #sciatica #fitness #gym #discbulge #fake #tbt #mma #ufc

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TOP-QUALITY STAFF ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ CLEAN, COMFORTABLE AND 100% PROFESSIONAL LAILA THAI MASSAGE RANDWICK. Booking : 02 9314 5160 Open 7 Days 10am-9pm www.lailathaimassage.com.au 53 Perouse Rd., Randwick, NSW 2031 #thaimassagerandwick #thaimassage #lailathaimassage #remedialmassage #massage #massagerandwick #randwick #thespot #bestmassage #deeptissuemassage #oilmassage #coogee #maroubra #kingsford #kensington #thaimassagetherapistrandwick #thaimassageservicesrandwick