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It's been the longest week ever. My mom suffered a stroke last friday and today she will finally have surgery to remove fluid from her heart. Having a parent that is ill is the hardest. I knew life could change in an instant i was just nieve to think it wouldnt be mine. I never pictured being 30 something thinking of care options for my parents yet here I am. Call your parents more, check on them if you can, make them schedule yearly check ups, be involved! I'm beyond blessed my mom is doing as well as she is and know she will continue to improve I just wish I had watched her more closely and been more involved in her health sooner💔 #lovemymom #blessed #youonlygetone #maketime

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After a day of driving over an hour to a doctors appointment that lasted 2 hours I am looking forward to my practice later this evening.

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NO WAY!!!! I have no words! None! When I started my journey I was a mom of 5 boys 6 and under. We moved to TX from D.C. Away from everyone and everything we knew and loved. I weighed 206 lbs! While in TX, alone and lonely I found Beachbody. From there I fell in love with me and with their mission! I found me again! I lost over 53lbs and have kept most of it off (give or take a few pounds depending on life's curve balls) I decided to coach and help others love themselves again too! Today I received some pretty incredible news! I'd love to share it with you if you are interested. It's a way to help as many people find freedom, happiness and joy in healthy living. Please contact me if you'd like to learn more. I know what Beachbody has done for me and I know I can help you reach your goals too! I'm looking forward to chatting more with you. #healthyliving #choices #weightlossjourney #aimhigh #believe #achieve #worthit #boymom #momof5 #momlife #momboss #momstrong #noexcuses #nevergiveup #loveyourself #maketime #makeitcount #twins #twinmom #specialneedsmom #ivegotthis #leadbyexample #raisethemright #raisingboys #godisgood #abundantlyblessed #lovemylife #lovemyhusband #lovemyfamily #lovejesus

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Have you ever put a veggie burger on top of a salad? In no, then you totally should! If yes, what's your favorite recipe? Today I used romaine, tomatoes, avocado, artichoke hearts, cucumber @tessemaes Honey balsamic and @hilaryseatwell hemp and greens. I remember when I used to eat 1/2 a box of wheat thins and pimento cheese for lunch followed by 2 bowls of teddy grahams. 🤔 Not good. And completely unnecessary. Summer's coming and these fresh L I T E flavors are a must! This took less than 10 minutes and will (hopefully) fuel me for the after school grumps that I'm sure my girls will have. (Thursdays and Fridays are hard for them!) 😜 #betterthanyesterday #takethetime #chefmom #ilovegoodfood #istilllovepimentocheese #twinning

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Notre petite lune a eu un super cadeau aujourd'hui : un bain relaxant pour nouveau-né, par la douce @cocoon_bien_naitre 💖 J'ai eu les yeux plein d'eau à la voir si zen et si bien. Vraiment un beau cadeau à offrir aux nouveaux parents et aux petits bébés 😍 Un gros merci Jocelyne, quelle belle expérience! 🙏 Je pense que cette photo va rester longtemps dans nos préférées 😍 . . . #newborn #17daysold #claralune #babybath #zenbaby #bathtimefun #peacefulness #magicalmoment #momblogger #motherhood #mybabygirl #slowliving #slowtoute #parentalitepositive #mindfulmama #purebliss #beautifulsoul #maketime

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Emmy and Lucas are both sick. I lost my wallet this morning and after canceling two cards and getting off the phone with the dmv for my license appointment I got a call that it was turned in so I had to unlock the cards and the kids have a Dr appointment this afternoon and I have Coltons parent teacher conference tonight and then his karate weapons class.I have every reason to skip my workout or grab a quick meal but I'm squeezing in a HIIT youtube workout and had a yummy healthy lunch prepped in the fridge. Even with a full time job and three kids and extracurriculars you can do this! #dontgiveup #noexcuses #weightlossjourney #yougotthis #maketime #igotgoals

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