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Начался обратный отчёт последних двух месяцев! Как же интересно какой там малыш, на кого похож, с каким характером!) ❌ничего не куплено ❌ничего не собрано ❌комната не подготовлена ✅ к встрече морально готова ( я так думаю 😌) Хотя передвигаться становится все тяжелее, стараюсь наслаждаться последними свободными денёчками, когда принадлежишь сама себе!) #беременность #pregnant #скоромама #пузожитель #счастливаяжена #фотосет #lovestory #муж_и_жена

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‼Друзья 🎉🎊🎉 🎉 Супер новость. Пока цветет донник🌾 маки🌺действует заманчивое предложение! 😍Розыгрывается 1 БЕСПЛАТНАЯ фотосессия! 📷А также действует супер цена 70% скидки 1500 р. в период 📌29 мая-5 июня Для участия необходимо: 👆🏻 1. Подписаться👉@anna_90.90 2. Сделать репост 👍данной записи к себе на стену, поставить свой порядковый номер. 3. Верить в удачу, счастливчика определим 3 июня, с помощью генератора случайных чисел. #фотопроектмаки #пижма #выезднаяфотосессия #фотосессия #фотограф #индивидуальная #Lovestory #семейныйфотограф #акции #скидки #свадебныйфотограф #Анапа #Новороссийск #Краснодар #розыгрыш #wedding #макианапа #доннаанапа #цветутмаки #цвететдонник #красиваяфотосессиянаполе #розыгрыш #бесплатнаяфотосессия

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Это день, свет которого до конца жизни будет освещать все другие дни☄. Радость от заключения брака не бурная, а глубокая и спокойная🙏. Над брачным алтарем, когда соединяются руки👫 и произносятся святые обеты💏, склоняются ангелы 👼👼 и тихо поют свои песни, а потом они осеняют счастливую пару своими крыльями, когда начинается их совместный жизненный путь🛤... #14 #семья #happyfamily #сага #lovestory #husbend #wife #вместенавсегда #вболезнииздравии #доконца

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I loved working on this project with @storytellermediaofficial for @lvdbridal 📹 Filming this was a blast and I was blessed to work with two incredible people @lindseykirkendall + @dustinkirkendall81 👫 They rock! If you're looking for a videographer to capture your day, your story, there's no one better than @storytellermediaofficial #lovestory #storytellermedia #lvdbridal #tellyourstory #nashvillevideography #nashvillephotographer #nashvillewedding #love #stylist #offtherackboutique #samplegowns #prettyprices #designerweddinggowns

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It came to me late one evening as I was posting some message on Instagram like this whisper in the wind. I was hash-tagging a photo with script about knowing you love someone that you have never even met in the flesh. I heard clear as a bell, twin flame. At first, I thought, oh that's cute. Then I felt the urge or push to investigate the term. Here I am an expert in spiritual matters and could not even begin to tell you my thoughts or feelings on the term. Never in all my years of study, experience, or service had I been faced with it. As I started reading the signs of a twin flame relationship on one web page after another, it felt as though the air had been sucked out of me. After the fourth or fifth one, I messaged Riley. We had not spoken in almost a week. I forwarded some of the pieces I found with a message that said, "Look at this." His reply was a screenshot of his search history from a day or two before. It was all relative to twin flames. Now, we haven't mentioned this in either parts of our story but Riley wasn't really big on the fantasy and woo woo of spiritual stuff. He was just beginning to buy into the relative theory of signs and actually communicate with his guides. So for Riley to feel led to research a term like twin flames was a pretty big deal. Of course, I responded as any woman naturally would by scolding him for not sharing this information with me two days prior. The signs were so significant to our relationship from the very beginning. The psychic connection that we shared was jolting. It helped me to understand why we were able to emotionally lift each other up and understand each other like no one else. The massive ingredient was the Unconditional Love that we shared for each other. There was no possessiveness, ownership, lack of integrity, emotional abuse, or jealousy any where near our relationship as friends or as potential romantic partners. The amount of trust and honesty that we had for and shared with each other was unparalleled. Another significant piece of our twin flame connection that stood out to me was the twin flame synergy that is described over and over. Continued in the comments below 😊💙💜❤️👇👇👇

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