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10 hours ago

I often hear people refer to their "past" as a chapter closed, a page turned... I happen to disagree with such terms. I am a preacher of being in the present moment, and a true believer of living the now, but we are a collection of our experiences, everyone and everything who is part of our "past" makes up who we are today, and if we see the difficult things that we refer to as a closed chapter as a blessing instead, as a lesson, as wisdom and an opportunity given to us to grow, we become grateful instead of resentful. Emotions don't go away if we choose to ignore them. But we are capable of turning dark into light and pain into strength. Energy doesn't get destroyed it gets transformed. Look at your past with gratitude, and life is one long novel where all chapters continue to flow, no door is ever closed. This week I teach hot power yoga @lovelifewellnesscenter @ 10:30 am. Excited and grateful 💜🙏✨ Thank you @sacredspacemiami for the mat 💕 #lovelifestyle #lovelife #loveyourself #journey #yoga #spiritual #nature #takemebacktobrazil

11 hours ago

New week, new opportunities 👊 let's show some love this week, starting off with some coffee love. 📷@missglamuraldesigns

1 day ago

Wünsche euch einen schönen Sonntag 😻

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