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7 hours ago

If only I could sum up how much I love you #gauroba I would, but there aren't enough words to express that. So wish you the Happiest Birthday!❤️ #Gaurobaturns20 #Loadsoflove #Kudos Ps:- Swipe along with love.❤️😹

8 hours ago

Due to mah Final year Exams, I won't be active for some days... Will b back soon.. ☺️ Till den Haste rahiye Muskurate rahiye or Support krte rahiye @beatking_sumedh ko..!! ♥️ Ps ~ Jaane se pehle Sumedh ko bht sari wishes and kisses.. All d best Sumedh for #Manjha 😍 Love uh loads.. 💋💋💋

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