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"To be beautiful is not to be without imperfections, it is not to be without scars, or nightmares.. no. To be beautiful is choosing to be kind regardless of this. To be beautiful is seeing the best in others, and urging them to smile. To be beautiful is to forgive those who do not apologize for what they have done to you. Beauty is to shine light unto the world, when you know too much pain and have seen all the darkness." -Me. #pain #spiritual #spiritualthoughts #kindness #realbeauty #lighttheworld #darkness #healing @brandonlee #thecrown #darkbeauty #darkness #brave #strength #dontgiveup #keepfighting

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I'm high as a bitch up, up and away, man, I come down in a couple of days. Ok, you want me up in a cage, then I'll come out in beast mode🤚🏻🎧watch the smoke as I turn Rising, a phoenix from the flames With wings I will #fly 🎼 #nightnight #lighttheworld #nightlights

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Another shot from Nauvoo ☀ I found this gem of a quote at the end of a Deseret News article I skimmed, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, "It is not coincidental that the word that’s used for Christ’s experience Gethsemane is that he was in ‘an agony.’ If we say we’re disciples of Christ ... we will on occasion be in agony. And I bless you that when those moments come, contemporary issues, historical complexities, personal problems at home, challenges in a mission or a marriage, wherever it is, I pray and ask and bless you to the end that you will be strong." Isn't that AMAZING? I'm expanding my prior understanding and beliefs on many things such as blessings and what it means to be happy and what we think we deserve. The Lord wants joy and peace and greatness in our lives - but how could a diamond become such without the long, extreme process it faces in the elements of nature? We are the same. We don't agonize for nothing. We aren't given trials because we're unloved. We are being compressed, chiseled, and polished to become diamonds - even as He is. Everything, all of it - it's all part of the plan. Everything we experience is an invitation to come unto Him, to learn better His ways. And at times, that really is an agonizing thing - to hold true, to believe, to trust, to be committed, to live with integrity - even when it hurts, even when it's not fair. When it's hard, I like to remember what President Hinckley always said, "It will all work out." It will. I think we're all stronger than we think we are. Don't give in. Don't give up. You can do hard things! #utahphotographer #Utahphotography #sharegoodness #lighttheworld #iamamormon http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865671367/Elders-Oaks-Holland-counsel-young-adults-regarding-political-divisions-and-lifes-challenges.html

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