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In honor of the babies who were blessed this sabbath day without any women to support them, the mothers who had to hand them over, and all the women who were excluded from standing in blessing circles. We invite you to submit a profile at http://ordainwomen.org/submit/. Image: four grids, one reading "In these spaces"; one reading "If you believe women should stand in blessing circles, submit your OW profile today"; one with the image of an infant in a blessing gown; and one with meme and women, standing in a circle, holding a baby in a blessing gown. #ordainwomen #lighttheworld #byubound #sharethegift #ldsconf #byuh #byui #byu #lds #mormon

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I believe my generation has been subjected to a subtle spiritual sedative, and must rely on God and Jesus Christ to overcome it. This sedative was injected into our spiritual veins by words such as, "When the bishop's calling you, you better watch out, cause he'll ask you to speak in church." Another form of injection is in the words, "I didn't have much time to prepare my talk/lesson." And the last I'll mention is in the words, "The DICTIONARY defines (such and such word) as..." The reason these words produce a poison in our minds and hearts is they trivialize the importance of teaching about God and Jesus Christ, they set-up low expectations, and they steer away from doctrinal definitions. We must see the opportunity of teaching and preaching as among the most sacred opportunities, for it is by hearing the word of God that faith is born, strengthened, or reignited in the hearts of women and men. When teaching/learning the word of God is trivialized in the community of faith, it translates into apathetic personal study of the revelations from the Divine. "Holiness to the Lord" can never be written on our hearts with a pen like iron unless it is preached, and unless we study and seek God for His holiness.

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Jesus Christ suffered for your individual sins and weaknesses. I testify of this. You can wake up to a new day with a clean slate, having learned the connection between sin and unhappiness as well as righteousness and happiness. Focus on the present day. Yesterday is gone and is to be repented of and/or learned from. Tomorrow and its vision will take care of itself. #believeinChrist #believeChrist #followChrist #obedienttoChrist #tunehearttoGod #atonementofChrist #cleansingpower #abandonsin #santifyyourself #sabbathday #changeinChrist #smile #laugh #viralmissionary #lighttheworld #thywillbedone #LDS

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🎼 I love to see the temple 🎼Gilbert, Arizona temple taken yesterday at the baptism shoot I was doing. I love shooting new angles of this gorgeous building. Happy Sunday! ❤️❤️

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I am so happy to announce that I have started reading The Book of Mormon for the first time ever in my life! I feel like I'm a point in my life where I am truly ready and willing to listen and understand the words of our Lord. I am so happy to be able to do this, as it was written for us. I challenge you to do the same! Take it one day, one chapter, even one verse at a time. You won't regret it if you have real intent and a sincere heart (Moroni 10:4). #lds #mormon #sharegoodness #LIGHTtheWORLD

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"Mi experiencia ha sido que el Espíritu se comunica con mayor frecuencia en forma de sentimientos. Lo sienten en palabras que les son familiares, que tienen sentido para ustedes, que los “inspiran”. Consideren la reacción de los nefitas al escuchar al Señor orar por ellos: “Y la multitud oyó y da testimonio; y se abrieron sus corazones, y comprendieron en sus corazones las palabras que él oró”10. Sintieron las palabras de Su oración en el corazón. La voz del Santo Espíritu es apacible y delicada. En el Antiguo Testamento, Elías el Profeta contendió contra los sacerdotes de Baal. Los sacerdotes esperaban que la “voz” de Baal descendiera como un trueno y encendiera su sacrificio con fuego. Pero no hubo voz alguna, ni fuego alguno11. En una ocasión posterior, Elías el Profeta oró. “Y he aquí que Jehová pasaba, y un grande y poderoso viento rompía los montes y quebraba las peñas delante de Jehová, pero Jehová no estaba en el viento. Y tras el viento, un terremoto, pero Jehová no estaba en el terremoto. “Y tras el terremoto, un fuego, pero Jehová no estaba en el fuego. Y tras el fuego, una voz apacible y delicada”12. ¿Conocen esa voz? El presidente Monson ha enseñado: “Aprendamos el idioma del Espíritu mientras recorremos el camino de la vida”13. El Espíritu habla con palabras que sentimos. Tales sentimientos son delicados, un suave impulso a actuar, a hacer algo, a decir algo, a reaccionar de cierta manera. Si somos descuidados o autoindulgentes en nuestra adoración, alejados e insensibilizados por las actividades del mundo, nos veremos con una menor capacidad de sentir. Nefi dijo a Lamán y Lemuel sobre el Santo Espíritu: “Habéis oído su voz de cuando en cuando; y os ha hablado con una voz apacible y delicada, pero habíais dejado de sentir, de modo que no pudisteis sentir sus palabras”14." Por el élder Ronald A. Rasband Del Cuórum de los Doce Apóstoles. #sud #lds #iluminaelmundo #lighttheworld #mormon #ellibrodemorm ón #bookofmormon #ldsconf #jesus #jesuschrist #preexistence #inspiration #aposteles #apostles #profetas #prophet #prophets #becauseofhim #amor #love #dios #god #godsquad

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You don't have time for negative people in your life! Choose to surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher. When people see you getting better and changing and transforming in a positive way, it can feel very threatening for others at times, especially if they aren't secure in themselves. It's unfortunate, but people will put you down for something that they wish they were doing. So, my recommendation to you is to slowly and quietly move them out of your life, and focus on your friendships that support and honor you. You don't owe anybody your energy. If you just know someone's continually robbing you of your energy, carefully and slowly step back, send love their way, and move on. Energy begets energy - and you need happy, positive people on your team around you! -Chalene Johnson #staypositive #getridofnegativity #liftothersup #lighttheworld #letyourlightshine

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