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Festivus Games was 8 days ago and my routine is still all kinds of messed up. Between Sunday last week and Saturday of this week, I worked out once. It was a double edged sword really, on one hand I had no energy whatsoever to workout but on the other, it was because I wasn't working out that I had no energy. Sundays are usually good days for me to get a longer workout in , with Matt and I both usually being off. I probably should have taken it easy but instead I dove in and did a quick warm up, three rounds of accessory work, a wod of 5 rounds of 15 kb swings and 15 box jumps and then my 5x5 which I haven't done in a week. It's time to get back at it! It's amazing to see how much of a difference, these past 4 months have made. #lifestylechange #stronglifts #customnanos #lazynomore #backtothegrind

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Tonight I have planned breakfast 🍞 lunch 🍴 and dinner 🍗 for the best 4 weeks 😵 including syns 🤤 HEXA & HEXB 🧀 (I hope I stick to it the best I can😩) I've haven't included which fruits but I always have them 🍉 #sw #eatingclean #letsdothis #slimmingworldmotivation #slimmingworldsupport #slimmingworlddiary #slimmingworldmafia #lifestylechange #foodie #food 🍴 #foodoptimsing #foodblogger #slimmingworldlove #weightlossjourney #weightlossdiary #extraeasy #onplan #motivated #iwillbethin

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My #lifestylechange has taught me many things so far but having the right diet is the most important. My diet is simple and tasty which makes it easier to stick to #motivationalmonday

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Chicken satay to start and chicken pad thai for main

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Today was my rest day... I should say a rest day from my Beachbody workouts... I spent the day meal prepping, pulling weeds, working in my flower beds, getting them ready for mulch, and cleaning up the deck! It was far from a rest day! One thing I don't think that I talk about enough is how working out has helped me have endurance and strength for the everyday things! These muscles aren't just for lifting weights. These muscles are for bringing ALL the grocery bags in the house on the first trip (more than one trip is for wimps 😂) and these muscles are for moving furniture whenever I want, by myself! This endurance I have built is for manual labor in the yard! These muscles make me more of an independent woman 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 Your health matters in all aspects of your life! Happy Sunday, folks ❤️ #strongwoman #sundayfunday

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