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This one is for my talented brother Norm @6fingers. My adorable niece Mara was perfectly sleepy during her newborn session. 💗💕🌸

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Rowanne's beautiful family. She's such a doll 😍😍

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This love ❤❤❤

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Eyeball thingy. Anyone know the official term? (Knowing full well it will always be the eyeball thingy). Just curious. 😎🤷🏻‍♀️👓 * Almost time for a new pair of glasses. This kid outruns his prescription so fast I can't keep up. 🙃 Wish he'd slow down this growing up thingy.

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Going to the theater with @krystalweirphotography as the Repost of the Day. In short, the world is not all headshots. Don't be afraid to step back a bit, take a wider shot with a bit of breathing room and capture the area as well. It may be a bit messier in cases but it gives context to your photos, especially in large areas such as a theater being the only ones there at the time. Tag your photos #prtv for a chance to get reposted! Photo selected by Tobias Gelston - @photorectoby. #featured #reposted #reposter #repostoftheday #regram #photography #photo #photographer #photooftheday #pictureoftheday #picoftheday #instagram #photos ______________________________ Day 17/365 When you arrive early and have the whole theater to yourself this is the shot you take! It is extremely hard to focus in a dark movie theater. Yes it's grainy/noisy, I had to up my ISO, nope she's not completely in focus, I did shoot this at a super slow shutter speed, but I got the shot and I love it as is. If you're wondering we saw the Trolls movie for the zillionth time! #embracethegrain #project365 #365challenge #documentyourdays _ _ _ _ #childofig #dearestviewfinder #cpcfeature #prtv #count_itjoy #thesincerestoryteller #lifestylecollective #ourcandidlife #snaplovegrow #childportraits #illuminatechildhood #portraitimagine #lifeandlensblog

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Sweet Valentine! I'm currently booking Love Day mini sessions. Email me to book a spot.❤

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Every year I try and take a little break from shooting so that I can spend more time with family, recover from the holidays and enjoy some free time (haha). In reality I organize and update my website, make sure all of my files are backed up, brainstorm about new ideas and prep for the upcoming year! I am confident 2017 will be my BEST year yet and I can't wait to start shooting your little families again. It was an amazing few weeks off, but it's time to get back to work.... BOOKING now open for 2017 *Contact for pricing, availability, questions, etc #denverfamilyphotographer #lightinspired #coloradofamily #coloradofamilyphotographer #coloradodad #coloradokids #ig_motherhood #dearphotographer #peoplescreatives #denverphotographer #coloradophotographer #lemonadeandlenses #lifeandlensblog #momazine #clickpro #featurememozi #thebloomforum #letthekids #letthembelittle #uniteinmotherhood #motherhoodphotography #clickinmoms #littleandbrave #cameramama #honestmotherhood #lightinspired

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When you're a mommy-photographer, your family album is usually full of pictures of your kids. Pictures of other family members get there sometimes too. What the album is usually missing is your own pictures, because you're the one who is making the frame, isn't it? ;) I'm trying not to let things happen this way. Because "I was there too"!! This is why I have stepped out of my comfort zone for the whole month in January and taking one self-portrait per a day for the whole month. Now, if you're Russian-speaking, please, read the following translation, because it contains more information that could be interesting to you! ;) 📸👱 Когда мама-фотограф, в семейном альбоме обычно нет недостатка в детских фотографиях. Порой туда даже попадают фотографии других членов семьи. Но тот, кого почти никогда нет на фотографиях -- это сама мама. Ведь она обычно за кадром. Знакомо? Как мама-фотограф, я стараюсь не допускать подобной ситуации и поэтому ищу разные способы тоже попасть в кадр. Ведь, "я тоже здесь была!". А в январе я решила окончательно выйти из зоны комфорта на целый месяц, и делать каждый день по автопортрету. Но ведь в компании всегда веселее, верно? Не передать, как же я была рада, когда Наташа @sweetmemo2014 согласилась ко мне присоединиться! А для пущего интереса мы решили публиковать целую неделю наши результаты. Кстати, мы с Наташей будем рады, если к нам ещё кто-то присоединиться. Так что, если вам хочется немного встряхнуться (ведь делать целую неделю разыне автопортреты не так-то легко ;) ), подписывайтесь на наш челлендж: публикуйте свои фотографии у себя в ленте и отмечайте их тагом #ic_focusonme ! Обещаем по всем пройтись и оставить комментарий!

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