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💫 it's so true. Funny how when we were away, as I watched my husband playing with our little girl, I had flashbacks to 2012- when we stayed at the same hotel. ..we just payed in the sun all day - like ALL day, took naps before dinner, got all dressed up - dressed up where I tried on 7 different outfits and took an hour to do my hair and makeup to look beautiful for my man. We had drinks together and would take walks on the beach at night... he would hold my hand because I drank too much Prosecco... and now, we have this little human- this magnetic little energy filled human who was running around with her sun kissed shoulders, calling for daddy to splash in the water park with her and mama chases them both to put sunblock all over them. Getting dressed up is more like a dress I've worn about 5 times, and barely any makeup because it's more important that Sasha looks like a princess that she is. Daddy and mama make deals with Sasha at dinner. If she eats her chicken she can have some fries... 💫 No. it's not the same- it's better... although I don't want this baby to grow up, she is becoming this extraordinary human that Mario and I will one day look at with happy tears and say- "We made her" we appreciate every second of this life that God has blessed us with. #appreciatethislife #appreciate #life #timegoesby #enjoyeachday

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