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"Nina, are you a healer?" ... So much gratitude 🙏🏼 for this beautiful space (@wmn_space ) where I got to answer a smiling 'yes' ☺️to @erintelford__ 's question during graduation from Breathwork Healer Training 1. ... 7 months ago in my first Breathwork circle led by @pushingbeauty , I was overwhelmed to tears by the message that I'm meant to be a healer. I've been waiting for someone outside myself to tell me this for most of my life. ... Since then I've been leaning (then resisting... then leaning) toward opportunities on this path. First diving deep into my own healing & currently finishing an incredible weekend of training surrounded by an (admittedly intimidating) group of healers. ... I don't know exactly where this will lead for me & I know there's so much more to overcome on this journey. And for maybe the first time, I trust that it will all happen in exactly the order it was meant to. ... For now, though: rest. 😴💤

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So I'm checking out at the grocery store of course with my reusable bags.... and I see the bagger dude shoving my vegetables in gasp! A plastic bag. And I'm all, "NO! No plastic!" Super emphatic. I don't understand how some people have such a limited concept of our current environmental crisis that they sometimes literally give each item its own plastic bag. And despite my passion, then I immediately think to myself, "oh, that was too loud. They probably think I'm a crazy lady." And THEN he asks if it's okay to put my eggs in plastic. Because sometimes they break. And I say again, super passionate, "no!!" And anyway, I have been buying eggs for my entire adult life and literally never unpacked my groceries to find gooey yolk running everywhere. Why do people LOVE plastic?? And then I realize my high emotions about plastic bags and sigh. I will probably never be super zen. But I'm passionate about many things. The Earth. My right to feel. My right to be me. And my right to express my opinion! I CARE! and that is a good thing! And I walked away after paying, not caring what anyone in the line thought of me. (They probably didn't even notice.) But only proud of how far I've come. Because once upon a time, I may have issued a faltering, "um. I brought my own bags," while containing my annoyance and judging myself for feeling annoyed which would surely morph into something else more detrimental. Or maybe not so much with grocery bags, but with other things. Because how we do one thing is how we do everything. And these days? How I do everything is just be true to me. Win for me AND for Mama Earth! 💪🏼🌎

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The month and a half has been a very trying time in my life and I want to share it—I need to release it so I can let the last of it go. The majority of my previously very stable life here in Rio feels like it has been uprooted and everything is so different—it’s grossly out of whack. . . So… I am pretty sure I am unemployed right now, but to be honest, I don’t actually know, the whole situation is just so uncomfortable… I am financially independent and Rio is such an expensive city, the uncertainty of where my next paycheck will come from is really weighing on me right now. I’ve feeling so bummed about it and I have also been sick, largely because I’ve been extremely nervous and paranoid recently, and it’s taking its toll on my body. I was assaulted walking to a friend’s house last weekend, just out of the blue, I never saw it coming, but yet again, this is Rio. It was terrifying and infuriating at the same time, I still think about it all the time and it makes me so angry—I feel so violated. I feel like it took away the small sense of security that I had here and it’s such bullshit, it’s so NOT OKAY. Everything freaks me out now, a person walking behind me, a car horn, any unexpected sounds, people approaching me and asking me for directions, even the other people in  the grocery store who are just shopping. I get frustrated because I blame myself too, I could have been smarter… I could have left my phone at home… I could have taken a cab right to her door—then maybe it wouldn’t have happened. But then I think to myself, “Alli, STOP. Yes, being cautious is wise, but you weren’t being stupid or reckless --you have to live your life and that’s what you were doing.” But even if I was being dumb… NOTHING makes this okay or justifiable on their end— no matter the circumstances, their actions were detestable. I wish I could find them, the two people who did it and (CONTINUED IN COMMENTS!!! ⬇️)

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“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” #forget #letgo #behappy

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