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Sunday night thoughts: if you think about it, life is a lot like writing a book filled with many different chapters. each chapter represents a significant moment or period of time in your life. during each of your chapters, you meet characters who change you, make mistakes that teach you, and most importantly, learn lessons that grow you. all of your previous chapters serve as background for your current chapter, but they do not define your new chapter. you see, each chapter has its purpose. even the shittiest, most "rock bottom" of chapters. and no matter how bad the last chapter was, you always have the choice to take the new chapter in any direction you desire. try shifting your perspective and comparing the way you view your life to writing a chapter book. your story consists of a series of ups and downs through your experiences, emotions, and reactions. some of these you will have control over, while others you will not, but it is okay. it is so important that we do not dwell on any one chapter for too long, or designate it too much importance in our minds. when we get stuck on one chapter, aka staying stuck in negative thoughts & emotions about past experiences, we will likely miss what our new chapter is trying to show us. we cannot keep rereading old chapters and stay stuck in destructive cycles of thought. reflect on what each chapter served to teach you, and then let them go. move into each new chapter with an open mind and heart. embrace the uncertainty of the highs and low to come. after all, every chapter must eventually come to an end🐾

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From @law_of_positivism: And the New Moon Solar Eclipse is here! It will be exact at 9:58 AM (EST). This marks the end of the eclipse cycle of Virgo/Pisces that started back in March 2015 and will be last South Node eclipse in Pisces until 2034. There is one chapter in our lives that is closing so that we can enter a new chapter, therefore make sure to release certain things in your life these coming 6 months until the next eclipse cycle. We have so many planets in Pisces, highlighting and strengthening this energy of spirituality and watery emotions. We do not think with our brains, we think with our hearts. The lower frequency o Pisces is self-sacrificing, fear and separateness. With all that is happening in the world, these emotions are strong, but we need to actively let go of them because all of our emotions and all of our thoughts spread like a web throughout the world and creates more of that we do not want. Find your inner Peace and your connection with the Divine. Use your intuition to make rational decisions and release your victim behaviors and open your heart to Oneness and forgiveness. We also have Mars, Venus and Uranus in Aries right now, the sign of the individual and our drive. This gives us courage and action-orientation to take the necessary steps. In March you have the perfect opportunity to start brand new projects and create your dreams. Take the time today to rest, dream and meditate and soak in this energy of Pisces. Solar Eclipses are like New Moons on steroids, so don't set your intentions today, but wait instead 48 hours so that the energy settles. #newmoon #newmoonsolareclipse #newmoonpisces #piscesmoom #newbeginnings #letgo #newmoonblessings #newmoonsolareclipse #solareclipse #lettinggo #lawofpositivism #meditation #astrology #numerology #mindful #mindfulness #positiveenergy #lawofattraction #meditation #healingenergy #intentionsetting #loveandlight #goodtoknow 🙏💛💚💙💜

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I been eating non-stop BAD, unhealthy food, and drinking too, 🙁, I been trying to work on abs but this week i hit rock bottom with depression and everything went down hill, with the love of my family and encouraging words of my friends i feel way better and POSITIVE, :) I gotta confess I don't feel one bit wrong about all the food I had consume, is like I needed to let go of my fears and just be myself, so I could find myself again. Starting the week with the best ATTITUDE! Y como dicen, "pa' riba, pa' abajo, pa' El Centro, y pa' dentro!! A malos tiempos buena cara! Y la vida sigue!!!! #happyme #newweek #newchapter #newday #motivation #notguilty #letgo #fitness #workout #food

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<HEALING COMES IN ALL FORMS> Self-healing comes in all shapes and sizes, and often times in the most unexpected ways. When people ask me about when my severe anxiety started I always think back to a very specific weekend that was the turning point to the downfall. Today while cleaning and purging I found a champagne cork from that weekend that we signed and dated. I immediately felt that weight on my shoulders that I had unconsciously been holding onto a piece of that all these years... physically, mentally and emotionally. So tonight, @estein425 and I made up a mini healing ceremony on the spot to release this from my soul. 1. I recounted and retold the weekend in detail 2. I accepted it and showed gratitude for my past as it has shaped me into who I am today 3. Then I released it by lighting the champagne cork on fire 🔥.... which was super cool. Healing doesn't have to look or feel a certain way. It can happen when you least expect it...but of course at the exact moment the universe intends it. Be on the lookout for those obscure moments or you just might miss them. Happy Sunday and wishing you all a beautiful week🙌🏼😘🙏🏼

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