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Everything doesn't need to be talked about and every comment doesn't require a response. Sometimes it's better to listen and smile! Inner peace and calm develop when you can let go of the need to rebuttal or have the last word! It is what it is! If it comes let it, if it goes let it! Peace and deuces! ✌🏾️🏄🏾💃🏽 #luxboholife #keepmoving #noworries #moveinsilence #namaste #peace

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See if you can pinpoint any suffering in your life that does not arise in thought or is not contained in thought . Even the most "difficult" things in life do not cause pain suffering, and struggle . You may fail at a business venture but that doesn't create pain and suffering.where the suffering comes from is your conscious or subconscious thoughts about it. Like the thought that "I AM a failure" or I let someone down so I am a bad person or so and so isn't going to like me. I am not saying that there won't be difficult times and challenges in life but it is our thoughts that make it Wayyyyy more intense and in Believing your thoughts you suffer . Without your thoughts and belief in them , the ups and downs of life are much lighter and easy to respond to. So look closely at something you label as hard and see if the difficulty or weight of it is not connected to your thoughts/beliefs about it. Without all the extra weight of our thoughts we are just explorers..learning, growing , experimenting, creating ..evolving . Maybe your next vacation should be a vacation from your own thoughts. Life is not hard unless you "think" it is.

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Wow I haven't given a picture of this cactus from this far back in a while. Managed to still get a good picture of it with just an 8MP camera. Really excited for this Mutants growth. Imagine an X-Men with cactus super powers: mind altering substances released directly into the air to cause hallucinations or mind control in your enemies, nice spines for protection and fresh for growth. God if I had super powers that's what they would be: the ability to manipulate the genetics and use my own energy to give to seeds or other plant matter I hold to give it life. So if I had peyote seeds I could directly produce any form of mescaline and make it active via just about any rout of ingestion. God the possibilities would be limitless. Fun to think these plants have the ability to make mescaline out of dirt. #trippy #hippie #mescaline #peyote #trichocereus #mutant #mutants #mutation #rarity greenthumb #greenhouse #psychedelic #psychedelics #natural #entheogen #entheogens #shaman #shamanism #consciousness #letgo #willpower #flowerpower #flowerchild #gardener #gardening #lsd #dmt #shulgin #mckenna

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Staaaaap iiiitttttt. Do you know how incredibly freeing it is to give zero fucks, and just love and accept yourself? Your body, your life?! If I had known the freedom of letting go, I never would have bothered holding on. It feels amazing. Forgive yourself and forgive anyone who made you feel like you should've been someone other than yourself. Because you're a fucking rare gem just as you are. If you don't or can't see it? No one else will, and no one else can do that for you.

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Happiness is your birthright. It cannot be taken away from you. But you act as if it is not your birthright. You begin to wish for happiness rather than accept it and express it. When you wish for happiness, you also wish indirectly for unhappiness, just as night and day follow each other. When you wish, every happiness is followed by sadness and every sadness by a happiness. You are not happy because you make comparisons and compete with something over which you have no control. You have no control over infinity—the vast, creative essence of life and consciousness. If you have no control over infinity, don’t try and control it. Flow with it and you can reach anywhere! Fight with it and you’ll be unhappy. There’s nothing to it. The only problem is you have not consciously developed your mental caliber, meditative mind, and the attitude of gratitude and contentment. The mind should dance with the body, the whole Universe is your stage, the soul your choreographer. Try to feel that whatever you are doing is the most beautiful thing, the prettiest dance, because you dance with the whole Universe. Don’t resent anything. Forgive everything. Express your essence. Let your heart guide you, free of all limitation, regimentation, and fear. Happiness is your birthright! #happiness #birthright #prayer #kundaliniyoga #yogibhajan #accept #express #surrender #letgo #flow #forgive #dharmatemple

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