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6 hours ago

"I have come to know that there are currents of divine influence in our life that will lead each of us along the individual plan the Lord would have us follow while on earth." Richard G. Scott

7 hours ago

Today's #sharegoodnesssunday image comes from a lesson I got to share with our ward's YM class. We may never know the causes for all the hardships in our life, and the uncomfortable reality is that 'Agency' and 'Natural Causes' and 'Random Chance' are more frequent causes for hardships than God's direct hand. The greater question, then, is what will we learn from it all, to whom shall we turn when struggles arise, and what shall we learn? #inspiration #mormon #lds #ldsyouth

8 hours ago

Yes I am a mom of BOYS!! & I sure do love them 💚 I also love that I have a calling where I get to serve the amazing young women in our ward! 💕 As with my own children I sincerely desire these girls to be happy!! Today, we learned about why the choices we make matter!! I was grateful to be able to share my testimony with them as I led our class in a discussion. Our Heavenly Father truly loves us so much and desires nothing more than our happiness!! He wants us to choose the things that will lead us to Him! And guess what?!? He is there to help us!! As we pray to Him in faith as we make decisions and read our scriptures he will be there to help us make the right choices! How incredibly blessed are we to not be all alone in making choices!! Choosing God and obedience to His will = Happiness, peace and Freedom!! ❤💗❤💗

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