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2 hours ago

Don't you love last minute ideas? Me too. And that's exactly what these little handouts were before my Young Women's Lesson today! But you know what I love more? The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints!! It fulfills me in every way and I couldn't live without the peace I get from it ❤️ I hope your Sunday is wonderful! (For reference to this little list ☝️Check out the book "Mormon Doctrine" under "Testimony" 😘)

3 hours ago

I believe my generation has been subjected to a subtle spiritual sedative, and must rely on God and Jesus Christ to overcome it. This sedative was injected into our spiritual veins by words such as, "When the bishop's calling you, you better watch out, cause he'll ask you to speak in church." Another form of injection is in the words, "I didn't have much time to prepare my talk/lesson." And the last I'll mention is in the words, "The DICTIONARY defines (such and such word) as..." The reason these words produce a poison in our minds and hearts is they trivialize the importance of teaching about God and Jesus Christ, they set-up low expectations, and they steer away from doctrinal definitions. We must see the opportunity of teaching and preaching as among the most sacred opportunities, for it is by hearing the word of God that faith is born, strengthened, or reignited in the hearts of women and men. When teaching/learning the word of God is trivialized in the community of faith, it translates into apathetic personal study of the revelations from the Divine. "Holiness to the Lord" can never be written on our hearts with a pen like iron unless it is preached, and unless we study and seek God for His holiness.

3 hours ago

My heart is so full!!! Have you ever truly thought about what the restoration of the gospel and the priesthood means to you?!? Today, I sat in a room full of beautiful young women as our new Beehive Presidency was set apart by the laying on of hands through priesthood power and authority. How grateful I am that those keys have been restored! Because Joseph had the faith and courage to pour out his heart to his Heavenly Father the gospel and the priesthood keys were restored and communication with Heaven was opened again 💗 My life has been blessed immensely by the gospel and the priesthood! How has yours been blessed 💗

9 hours ago

Progress happens when you aren't comfortable. You comfy?? 😘 I say this as I'm still laying in bed. 😜 Welp...better get moving! What awesome progress-involving thing will you fill your Sabbath with? Over here, we are heading to church, and then will fill the afternoon with youth leadership meetings. ❤️

17 hours ago

You guys isn't it so amazing to know that we are daughters and sons of God!!! Doesn't it give you so much strength to overcome doubt and fear! When doubts begin to creep in or we start to feel fear come upon us, we can remember this thing... we have divinity within us & we have a partner, one who has overcome this world! Our Savior is there and with him everything is possible. We really have no need to fear when we yoke ourselves to him and allow him to help us carry our heavy loads!! I've loved pondering over D&C 6:36! It's such an empowering scripture!! I hope you've enjoyed it and felt empowered to!! Cuz guess what, you are AMAZING!! 💗 you guys!! #ponderize

18 hours ago

29 youth on a Temple trip, drive 3.5 hours each way, all in a day's work.. #ldsyouth

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