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While serving my mission in Seoul in October 1981 I was unexpectedly reassigned to Chicago to serve in the tiny Korean branch. It was terribly hard to leave Korea. The morning before I left, I woke up to this sunrise. I took this as a divine sign that the Lord was aware of my service and that everything would work out. It did. Korea is, after all, the Land of the Morning Calm. #ldsmission #서울 #조선 #sunrise #sharegoodness #해돋이

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In light of today's weather ...

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We went on companion exchanges this week. I went to the Coeur d'Alene 1st ward again with Elder Horman this time. We had a couple lessons which was fun. Elder Horman and I have a lot of similarities and it seems like we are pretty much twins.

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💛Beau's dream was to serve a mission and be a pilot for the United States AIRFORCE! 🛫The following was found in his phone notes: "Don't make the mission or the Air Force the center of your life, make the temple the center of your life and you will go on a mission and be in the Airforce." 💛 WHAT IS YOUR DREAM??... Make CHRIST the center of your life BY GOING TO THE TEMPLE and your dreams will come true!!!💛 #livelikechrist #riseup #smile #behappi #beauhappi #airforce #ldsmission #priorities

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