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1 month!!! Just one month and I get to see this guy in person for the first tjme in 2 years! I am so so excited to see him again! To hug him tight and close! To give him a big kiss and talk to him face to face and not have to stop after a few emails back and forth or have to wait a week until the next time I email to see how he is. I can't wait to see my son!! I still can't believe Christian will be coming home in just one month! I've missed him so so much!! 🙂😍💟 #hescominghome #mission #missionary #lds #ldsmissionary #myson #imisshim #ilovehim #allgrownup #cantwait #ref #referee #official #basketball #fam #redhead #calledtoserve #sharegoodness #myboy #smile #makingmemories #misshim #happiness #myheart #homecoming #serve #ldsMission #nametag #louisiana #soexcited

5 hours ago

#featuredimage @vegra205 The scripture is such a powerful thought that I plan to plant it in my heart and make it my focus! Nevertheless the children of God were commanded that they should gather themselves together oft, and join in fasting and mighty prayer in behalf of the welfare of the souls of those who knew not God. Can you imagine the good that would come from choosing to do this one act? I have desired, prayed and yes, even cried unto the Lord for the ability to bring souls unto Him but I have yet to fast for it. Today I bore my testimony in church about the power of God using our weaknesses to bring others unto Him. When we testify of truth even babies will listen. I watched the little children watch and listen to me testify of the power God gives us to value most, the things that money cannot buy. I find it worth every effort to fast on Sundays and I want to get to the point where I can do it every Sunday for I know He always answers my fasts with speed when it is His will to do so. I find the praying often leads me to learning how to pray better and ask for those things that are eternal. I want to build a legacy of Faith in Christ with my one and only life, that will long outlast the temporary and transitory things of this planet. Praise be to Him in Whom All Blessings Flow for there is no vision that we can ever have that can be greater than His! #living #hislove #divine #preach #ldsmission #yogi #travel

6 hours ago

I love seeing the way clients use my art in their homes. Here's my watercolor of angel Moroni from last year in a sweet 12 year old girl's room!

7 hours ago

This is my sweet grams, I've always looked up to her in so many ways. Her and my grandpa are headed on their mission tomorrow and we were able to come down for the weekend and listen to them speak in church today. It was such a good day filled with laughter and some tears that come with goodbyes. When I lived in Logan years ago, I'd always go up to her house and chat with her for hours. The past six months or so we were both in the primary presidency and I'd call her every weekend when I had to teach sharing time to get advice and to see how her lessons went. She is such a good example to me and loves her family so much. She has such a strong testimony, great example and a lady that always has you laughing. We are going to miss you and we sure love you so much! ❤️ #lds #grams #loganut #farewell #ldsmission #cryingeyes #keepittogetherbrooke #grampswaschatting #grandparentsarethebest #sisterwuthrich

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Quase 6 anos atrás eu chegava na Bahia, levando na bagagem um desejo enorme de servir e o pouco conhecimento que eu tinha sobre o evangelho verdadeiro de Jesus Cristo, não demorou muito pra aprender e saber que o Pai Celestial tinha um plano especial para a minha vida! O Presidente @jameswhart51 , muito inspirado, escolheu Elder Ferrão para ser o meu treinador e a ala Inocoop, em Camaçari para servirmos, lá tivemos a oportunidade de conhecer excelentes membros da igreja que nos ajudaram muito e participar da conversão de pessoas especiais! Sou imensamente grato ao Senhor por ter reservado o melhor treinador para aquela transferência, sou imensamente grato ao Senhor por todos os membros daquela ala, esses irmãos e essas irmãs fizeram a diferença em minha missão e hoje fazem a diferença em minha vida! Sou imensamente grato ao Senhor por preparar pessoas para serem ensinadas e batizadas durante aquelas transferências! César Ferrão, meu treinador, meu brother, obrigado por ter feito parte e ajudado a construir os 2 melhores anos da minha vida! #ldsbrothers #ldsmission #mbsmission

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