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Hagamos un profundo examen de conciencia, estableciendo nuestras propias metas y enfocando nuestros planes para que sean compatibles con los de Dios, de modo que al final nos conduzca hacia nuestro preciado privilegio de volver y recibir... 😪❤🙏 ("Volver y recibir", M. Russell Ballard) #lds #ldsconf #hisday #daughterofaking #helives #returnandreceive #elderballard

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In honor of the babies who were blessed this sabbath day without any women to support them, the mothers who had to hand them over, and all the women who were excluded from standing in blessing circles. We invite you to submit a profile at http://ordainwomen.org/submit/. Image: four grids, one reading "In these spaces"; one reading "If you believe women should stand in blessing circles, submit your OW profile today"; one with the image of an infant in a blessing gown; and one with meme and women, standing in a circle, holding a baby in a blessing gown. #ordainwomen #lighttheworld #byubound #sharethegift #ldsconf #byuh #byui #byu #lds #mormon

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I'm so excited that this watercolor is now available in my Etsy Shop! If you are local, contact me and you can order yours for pickup. It makes a lovely Mother's Day gift! 💐💟💐 #ibh_autumn #inspiredbyhue @inspired.by.hue . . . . . . . . #etsyshop   #etsy   #etsyhunter   #etsyusa #etsyprepromo   #shopetsy   #etsyfinds   #etsyforall #etsyshopowner   #etsyseller   #etsystore   #etsysale #etsylove   #watercolorpainting   #watercolor #watercolour   #watercolorflorals #watercolorflowers   #flowers   #etsylent #letter   #script   #scriptlettering   #modernscript #ldsconf   #moderncalligraphy   #lettering

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I believe my generation has been subjected to a subtle spiritual sedative, and must rely on God and Jesus Christ to overcome it. This sedative was injected into our spiritual veins by words such as, "When the bishop's calling you, you better watch out, cause he'll ask you to speak in church." Another form of injection is in the words, "I didn't have much time to prepare my talk/lesson." And the last I'll mention is in the words, "The DICTIONARY defines (such and such word) as..." The reason these words produce a poison in our minds and hearts is they trivialize the importance of teaching about God and Jesus Christ, they set-up low expectations, and they steer away from doctrinal definitions. We must see the opportunity of teaching and preaching as among the most sacred opportunities, for it is by hearing the word of God that faith is born, strengthened, or reignited in the hearts of women and men. When teaching/learning the word of God is trivialized in the community of faith, it translates into apathetic personal study of the revelations from the Divine. "Holiness to the Lord" can never be written on our hearts with a pen like iron unless it is preached, and unless we study and seek God for His holiness.

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My younger sister painted this, and I wanted to share.

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Day 9 of our April 2017 General Conference Challenge Talk: Confide in God Unwaveringly (April 2017) By Elder Ulisses Soares -------------------------------------------- "At the conclusion of His earthly ministry, just before being taken prisoner, the Savior taught His disciples, “In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” -Elder Soares Personal Reflection Question(s): Why does the Savior teach that we should have good cheer, even amidst adversity and trials? What is my current attitude when I face tribulation? ------------------- Direct link to talk is posted in my Instagram profile. You can read/listen to it directly from there. Please add your insights and thoughts!

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