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2 minutes ago

Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to this wonderful family alongside my trainer. We taught her my first couple of transfers and due to some trials we were not able to see her anymore. Three months ago she started going to church, studying and learning about the gospel again. I found out this past Monday that she is getting baptized this Saturday and I could not be more excited for her!!! I could not help but to have a huge smile on my face as her daughters sang I am a Child of God and I hear how wonderfully her life has been changed since I last saw her! I am so happy for her decision to come unto Christ. #Godstiming #lds #baptism #irvinecalifornia #irvinecaliforniamission

2 minutes ago

Have you ever seen the @surgesupplements energy shots at your local grocery store? Right next to the 5 hour energy? 🙌🏻 yes?! ( surge is better than 5 hour energy.😉) We've Got more of these surge signs goin out to to big guys over at @surgesupplements. These signs are even better in person! Such a cool colab goin with these guys! Thanks @lamarinnes for helping out with this project! #saralitaincdesigns

3 minutes ago

I decided it was about time to open up about my recent weight gain on the blog. For awhile I was working hard to lose that extra weight before swim suit season, but I decided to screw it and love my body for the way that it is. Check out my latest blog post for more. 👙:@janelabay 📷:@evelyncervantes

7 minutes ago

Good morning! 😁 Anyone else in need of a peanut butter smile today? 🍎🍎🍎🍎 I'm still exhausted today and apparently so are my kids. Little Man just woke up (7:50am) and Sweet Pea is still asleep 😳 or at least just quiet. Today to-do list: Make chili Make chicken salad Make sloppy joes Cut 4lbs of strawberries 🍓 Finish packing Take a nap 😉 Go to bed early 😴 Thank you for slow cookers! #slowcooker #slowcookermadness #lotstodo #campingprep #dinnerprep #peanutbutter #peanutbuttersmile #idrawinmyfood

8 minutes ago

"My siblings and I were quizzed very carefully by our mother after we had been taught away from the home to be certain the correct lessons were reaching our ears and shaping our minds.” L. Tom Perry “Mothers Teaching Children in the Home” 2010 Yes, every home IS a homeschool! Whether public, private, charter, or home schooled, every home needs a mother on the watchtower—a mother who protects, a mother who cares, a mother who knows they are the gatekeeper of their children’s mind. #latterdaylearning #familyschool #homeschool #ldshomeschool #lds #ltomperry #apostlequote #motherhood #parenting #education #heartsandminds

20 minutes ago

you have potential to become more that what you are. that's possible when you ask Heavenly Father and he will help you grow. you can do anything. don't forget your worth!!! ❤️ #wherefaithgrows #lds #potential #growth

21 minutes ago

Tenho colocado em prática o conselho do Elder Nelson na última Conferencia Geral de escutar um discurso da conferência todos os dias pela manhã. Têm sido uma benção para mim, ouvir os conselhos do profeta e apóstolos todos os dias, me abrindo a mente e o coração, mantendo-me mais próxima ao Salvador e podendo sentir Sua influência todos os dias. Como sou grata. #ldslife #lds #ldslifestyle #gratid ão

22 minutes ago

Yesterday was just one of those days that had me like, "what's a vegetable?" 🤦🏻‍♀️ So then today on my run, I felt it. My stomach was just hurting and I felt really sluggish. And it hit me that I can't do stuff like that if I want to do something as challenging as running a marathon. I realized I really need to make my nutrition a focus as much as the training and cross training. So that's what I'm going to do! It doesn't mean I'll be perfect, but it does mean I'm going to do some more research and figure out how I best respond to certain foods. It doesn't matter how many times you mess up, as long as you learn and keep trying! We ALL make mistakes, fall off the wagon, and just generally muck things up sometimes. But if you can recognize it, realize what went wrong and then try to do better, you'll never ever be considered a failure. Welcome to the human club! 💗

28 minutes ago

"Keep your eyes open for humor in the present. The people I know who are good for the long haul all seem to smile easily. You can't just get yourself a cheerful disposition, but you could keep your eyes open for something to smile at." –President Henry B. Eyring #lds #mormon #sharegoodness

33 minutes ago

Had a good catch up wit the uce Chandrew 😂😂 #LDS

33 minutes ago

We all have "Goliath's" in our lives but just like David was an expert with his sling we can study scriptures and conference talks and become experts in the gospel and use that to battle our trials the size of a Goliath #lds #mormon #davidandgoliath

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