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•A person who falls and gets back up is much stronger than a person who never fell• ... This quote is one that I've used before, it is one of my favorites for so many reasons. ... Today I woke up early, I had so much I wanted to do before heading to work and although I had plenty of time...I still didn't get everything done. ... •I feel down the stairs... •Thought I left the steamer on, ran back home to check... •Attempted to take Bane to doggie day care and turned around because I knew I just didn't have the time... ... Then later at work I tripped over a chair and skinned my knee and the palm of my hand. (Either it's just not my day or I'm a total klutz!) ... We have physical and mental obstacles that continue to trip us up daily. We need to choose joy, laugh at ourselves and smile as we keep on going! Today, I choose joy (as hard as it has been for me throughout the day) and to make the best of it! #choosejoy #laughoften #smilemore

52 minutes ago

Go to salad for parties or guests. The hardest part is finding @sahalesnacks at the grocery store. All you need are mixed greens, one green apple, one bunch of celery (idk of bunch is the correct term but you get the gist), two packs of #sahalesnacks (any pecan mix will work) and Annie's Balsamic dressing. (1) Chop up the apple and celery, toss in with the greens, (2) toss in one bag of the pecans and however much dressing you'd like, (3) put the second back of pecans on as a topping. Boom. Done. 💃🏽

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Trying to get this morning workout routine started. Woke up at 8 to rise and grind! #22minutehardcorps cardio and core1: ✅ Freese doesn't even pay attention to me while I workout anymore because he's used to it. I'm starting a fun challenge group starting next Monday! There are **5 spots left** so message me and I'll tell you how you can get your hands on this AWESOME deal before the month ends and you'll be ready to sweat with us!! Don't wait around on this one! Today is way better than someday! #hardcorpsgetsome

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