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... You haven't seen life from my side... ✨ Don't judge others on their opinions, when you haven't lived a day in their shoes... Having a understanding of everyone's point of view is the best trait to have...✨ #achivegreatness #tumblestones #reikihealing #dontjudge #achievegoals #thinkoutside #keepsmiling #livelifetothefullest #understandingisthekey #lovelife #laughoften #livewell #positivity #positivevibesonly #positive #positivevibes #energy #lifeviews #6 #9 #everyoneisrightinthereownway #robhorrocks #lightwakers

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And I Will😋

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Guten Morgen Instawelt! 🙃 Dieser tolle Spruch steht heute auf meinem Tischkalender den ich so sehr liebe 😍 und auch für euch soll heute die Sonne🌞 scheinen mit viiiel guter Laune und positiver Energie! 🙆☄️

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Can't believe it is already mid-January! How are you doing so far with your new year's resolutions? 👣 . Whatever goal you are pursuing make sure to be very specific on what you want. Then, all you have to do is taking massive action, while enjoying and appreciating the beauty of your journey! 🎨 . Commit to taking small daily steps towards those goals of yours, and celebrate your wins! 💪🏻 . As role model Brendon Burchard says: "Be patient but persistent." Great things take time. 🎯 . Wishing you all a week full of progress towards what's truly important for you! xxx 🦄💕

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It's so interesting how when I would get #pregnant I would take my vitamins everyday and as soon as my beautiful #blessings would arrive I would just stop taking them. I'd maybe take them here and there when I was #breastfeeding Why was I not important enough?! Why would I not put myself first or care enough about my body to continue taking any supplements?! Mamas, we can't pour from an empty cup! After giving birth to my 7th I've continued taking #probiotics and drinking my #pinkdrink . Taking natural supplements and I've never felt better! This is the first time I haven't been deficient👏🏻🙌🏻 I know the importance of balanced blood sugars and over all health! I have found the best probiotic out there and supplements that you can FEEL work! Natural and plant based 🌱I want to be in the best health to keep up with all these kiddos! Still nursing my 17 month old, have energy and continuing to take care of my body that has done so much! #guthealth for the win! #crossfit #babybump #momlife #healthy #happy #livelife #laughoften

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I almost didnt... It's a little after 10 and I'm JIST getting done. Told myself all day.... 'i just need a mental health day' And then cue 'that voice' You know. That voice that you try to ignore? That voice that tells you what you SHOULD do... Even when you DONT WANT TO! Yep. THAT voice.... Whispered 'mental health day.... EXACTLY why you NEED to work out' By 9pm it was SCREAMING at me. So I gave in. And you know what? I feel SO. MUCH. BETTER! Why did I wait so long?! Feverishly chase your dreams! TAKE CARE OF YOU! Because they're ALWAYS watching.... Because YOU deserve it, and THEY deserve to know it can be done <3

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