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This is A-Money🌺 Today I went to go eat with some cousins, it was super fun!!😄 • Q-What is your favorite place to eat at? A- I love to eat at Cheesecake Factory. #kpopedit #kpop #Twice #Once #chaeyoung

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Gimme some of Bangtan pls

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cuties here's a new edit yall ((':

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[170228 Star Empire Naver Post: JIAN] Waiting to give you that rose~🌹

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gay test (scrap) edit, enjoy.

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i'm deceased because i actually used one of my own pictures in this :,) anyways @chogihalp , hope you like it!

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"Beautiful girl.." ㅡBeautiful, BTS - ✽ » sometimes I just wonder how it would be like at their fansigns? to hold their hands that easily, and to get a smile we usually just see through a computer screen. to have them recognize you after going to their fansigns some many times, you don't have to tell them your name. k-armys are so lucky haha. - also, i haven't posted in a while so i decided to give you guys a taste of the new feed! you've probably seen it a lot of times already, but it won't disappoint haha. sorry to those I haven't replied today! it's really hectic and I have to finish these projects :(( ily guys lots!! + check out @/taetíts on wattpad, their fanfics are a m a z i n g!!! - Tags✨ : @kayehet 💕 @wonhosangel 💓 @elianabiad_ 💖 @bangtanlqs 💞 @yoongiforlife 💗 @hyperjeon 💘 @btsrapp ❤️ @artsyugyeom 💛 @k.mofos 💙 @doyoungbf 💜 @ttaevmin_ 💚 @bts.i.need.u.7 💌 @micitymack5468 🎀 @kinkytaemin 💎 - Want a tag and updates? Comment down a heart emoji below :). 💓 -- #bts #bangtan #kpop #kpopmeme #kpopimagine #btsimagine #fansign #kpopl4l #taehyung #jimin #jhope #hobi #hoseok #junghoseok #exo #got7 #kpopedit #jungkook #kpopfff #rapmon #rapmonster #namjoon #jin #seokjin #bangtanboys #suga #yoongi #kpopf4f

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— new theme! i haven't been posting since i've been writing on wattpad, sorry yall. :( i'm trying to gain, tag people who'd like my account? qotd - fav song in astro's winter album ? aotd - should have held onto you.

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