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22 minutes ago

24th of June, 2017 ⊰ I went shopping todayy and now I'm broke surprise surprise ┈┈ q: favourite song rn? a: cherry bomb by NCT 127 ofc 🍒😩👏🏻💦 ┈┈ tags: #kpopaesthetic #kpoptheme #aesthetic #kpop

30 minutes ago

I live for when people compliment my outfit. But then I forget where I got it from so I end up looking like an idiot.

36 minutes ago

[answer qotp] ❤️ ________ 🐣; asdfhj dis lil cutie 😩❤️ ayee btw I'm soo proud with blackpink y'all YESWYES I'M A PROUD BLINK 🙌😩❤️❤️ _____________ 🗓; 25/6/17 ⏰; 2:15 am (ineedtosleep?nah) 🐰; ah today is the day; eid mubarak to all muslims! ❤️ beware of satans guys LOLOL Btw my stomach hurts so bad tho, i'vee lose my appetite 😩 I hate this ergh AND it's getting worse EUW 😩😭 anywaays stay healthy okAy! eat fruits and vegetables puhlease⚡️ take care!&ly❤️ __________________ [qotd] hot choc or strawberry milkshake? -- [aotd] wat is dis magad- okay strawberry milkshake ❤️ _____________ -- -- >> comment "🍉" if you want to be tagged << -- -- -- •hashtags• #bts #jimin #parkjimin #chimchim #kpopaesthetic #kpopfff #kpopl4l #kpoplfl #kpopf4f

59 minutes ago

dank memes (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ill stop.

1 hour ago

∘star of this theme∘

1 hour ago

okay forgot to post memes with the theme sorry :p

1 hour ago

↝ last post for this ~vintage~ theme! i have so many more themes and sorry this theme wasn't yoongi?¿ next theme will either be jimin/Jin/ or taehyung because the yoongi theme didn't work out :( have a great week and ill be back next Saturday or Sunday!

1 hour ago

∘star of this theme∘ i wasn't really motivated to post this theme but i promised myself that I would keep this account running and not abandon it like I did last time ;p try to stay positive if you're having i hard time i know it's hard but try ∞

1 hour ago

hello! (remember there is light at the end of a dark,scary tunnel) I am back with a new theme :) this theme isn't based on a kpop idol, it's based on a kitten 🐱 i found this theme really cute and was too lazy to try and find a kpop idol picture to go with it so kitty will have to do. i hope all of you have a good day, im feeling better than I was yesterday. yesterday I felt really down but today im feeling much better! ♥(✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ

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