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I would've hit you up but no no no

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I don't have any idea when did it even started or ended so I glad I cherished parts of it and think of happy thoughts every moment the memories flew in

2 hours ago

i miss him so badly ;(

3 hours ago

I absolutely love everything in this picture

3 hours ago

I'm thinking about going on hiatus idk

4 hours ago

it's finally friday i can finally breathe

4 hours ago

~~>{ When Tears Dry }<~~ ° ° |~[ previously. . . The scars were probably black and blue by now, noticeable. I turned, heading for upstairs but he grabbed me. "What the fuck Tae?"]~| ° ° ~~>|I'm glad you all like the fanfic so far. Of course I'll write more. As we can tell the point of view atm is Taehyung. The pov will change while the person in the photo change|<~~ ° ° ~~~{ ☆CHAPT ▪ 2☆ }~~~ ° ° |~[ I felt helpless. I didn't know what to do it say as I stared back into his drunk eyes. "What happened to you?!" He demanded. "You'll wake every one up. Be quiet. It was just an accident." An accident. I really wished it was. One hit after the other, was just supposed to be a nightmare. His questions didn't stop . "Who did this?" I pulled my hand away from him. His concern touched me more than these wounds. I wanted him to hold me but how could that be possible. "It was jmin, wasn't it". I couldn't respond. I knew how close those two were. I should have known better than to stand so close to him. I was being greedy. I wanted what couldn't be mine. "Can you drop it? It's already late." I said as i turned around, heading up the first stair. "I'll talk to him. He can't keep doing this. Not to you." What was that supposed to mean honestly. For a guy who barely noticed me he sure has his way with making me nervous. I whipped around "please don't. " It was all because of you anyways. I wanted to yell. How could he be so oblivious. ° I headed upstairs. Kook right behind me. "Stop". And of course I stopped . He wrapped his arms around my waste standing a stair below me his chin resting on my shoulder. " I thought you liked me,tae. So let me help you." |~ .♧ °° ° ~~{comment if you liked it}~ °. ° [ #kpop #kpopedit #btsedit #bts #btsaesthetics #kpopaesthetic #kpoper #bangtanboys #taehyung #v #btsfanfic #kpopfanfic #taehyungfanfic #jhope #jimin #jiminie #jin #suga #yoongi #rapmonster #jhope #hoseok #hobi #jungkook #kpopfff #kpopfollowforfollow #kpopf4f #kpopf4fonly ]

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