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Maak solank n nota :) Môre oggend tussen 10-11vm gesels ek met Johan Rademan op RSG oor die Spar Kirkwood Wildsfees. Hoop jy gaan saam luister.

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-held her mountains-kissed her plains -touched her sunshine-drank her rain ~Allen Fraser~Dancehall Girls *this steep, perfectly slushy hot lap is at Kirkwood Mountain Resort~which becomes a mid to high level Dancehall for working on Big Mountain Problems, with just a 2.5 to 3 hour commitment, after the lifts have stopped running and all on mountain closing operations have ceased *the bull wheels stopped spinning for the shredding public at Kirkwood on Sunday, April 16, 2017 *Heavenly Valley kept loading butts onto a rapidly shrinking number of operating chairs until the laws of spring attrition finally demanded an end to the power usage on Sunday April 30, 2017. *Squaw Valley? *Their last official projected closing day was made public on June 17, 2017. *They're gonna be open on Independence Day. *They are keeping it alive, only on weekends *Until July 4 -Squaw Valley reported this today: -Thursday June 22, 2017: -Snow: Spring -Open Trails: 32/197 -Open Lifts: 6/42 -Snow Depth: -Base: 0" -Summit: 147" *for the last two spring seasons, these quick, in & out, up & down, out & back hot laps have been a dream~the best kind of dream~a deep snowpack that keeps changing into other great things-from class 5 whitewater, to fruits, veggies, and glasses of clear Cold Mountain juice~ *the audible left turn signal clicking is the alarm clock *the Yukon rolls into the empty west bound right lane of CA SH 88 toward the Carson Spur *these little BIG tours are a dream *the rear view mirror shows me where I stood just 15 minutes ago-what I see looks vertical now-from here-it looks un-reachable *bare feet on a warm gas pedal music from speakers*a cotton Alta T-Shirt *sun dried swim trunks -18 minutes prior: Steel Edge-Speed-Pitch-Variability-Breath- Wind-Helmet-Hard Plastic Boot-Cold -I enjoy the waking from the Kirkwood Dream-as much I enjoy the actual Dreaming Itself~peace! #allenfraser #daisydebolt #fraseranddebolt #dancehallgirls #canadiansongwriters #canadiansongwriter #theduhks #kirkwood #hotlaps #hotlap #tahoesnow #tahoesnowmap #skitahoe #skitahoe2017 #asthebullwheelturns #bullwheel #springskiing #springski #ski #earnyourturns #earnyourturnsbro #skieverydamnday #skiordi

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