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Museum Meeting Monday.

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This goddess though...

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Totally feeling this spring weather, mixed with letting go of all the expectations and pressure we put on ourselves. To being free, enjoying life more simply, and taking too many flower photos! ✨

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thinking of when we became abroad roommates because my flight was delayed and I almost left bags at the airport and now we are practically sisters 💕

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•Meet me where the cardinal's sing. Beneath that sweet magnolia tree 🌿• Fact: I always have a blanket, Sequence, a book (or two), a jar for forage finds, and my Nalgene in my car. Truly-you never know when you might find yourself on a picnic of sorts. Whether I'm on my own or adventuring around with someone in tow, it's always best to be prepared for such adventures. Cheers to Monday ✌️ . .. ... 🎶Slight Figure of Speech, The Avett Brothers (My friend Barbie asked me what songs reminded me of spring, so I played several in the car and sang each one. This one made her laugh.)

9 minutes ago

He stayed home sick from school today... him and Teddy have been playing "work" all afternoon. They are baseball field designers.

11 minutes ago

Before we knew anything about the steep hills and rocky paths that nearly killed us

13 minutes ago

Inlay for days ✌👌 some wood working for earth day. Natural, sustainable and long lasting, woods a great natural resource as long as it's respected! Wood is also known to improve health and wellbeing! #woodturning #lathe #inlay

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