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Take note☝🏽

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Saying "go eat a burger" is just like saying "go eat a salad". Just because someone appears to be "malnourished" in YOUR eyes doesn't mean telling them they are tiny, need to go eat, or look sickly is the solution. Those words can be detrimental and cause unnecessary feelings of shame or insecurity(famous model or average Joe!); I wish people would think about that just a little more before they open their mouths. #thinkbeforeyouspeak #motivation #Monday #kindness #beautiful #strong #empower #pride #healthy #peoplemagazine

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I'm not trying to be anybody but me. ❤️

6 minutes ago

Life isn't easy for everyone, we all have trials to overcome. Without those trials we wouldn't be who we are. Sometimes life likes to knock you down, and you don't believe there's a way up. But God is patiently waiting to help you up, you just need to let him in. The time we live in is tough, you feel all these expectations of "perfect" weighing you down, but the only version of "perfect" you should strive to be is more Christ like. He is there, fighting your battles with you. Don't deny his loving help. • • • • #lds #mormon #heisthere #choosetheright #kindness #staystrong #lethimin

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