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Hockey de Rue Lisa who is a Hair Stylist @ Gents, along with Soldier, brought her scissors and cut hair in order to raise money that will benefit the Kids of Montreal. 5956 Monkland blvd. The concept of giving haircuts and trimming beards outdoors , was very well received #trending #haircuts #fundraising #innovative #kidstuff #uniqueness #philanthropy #kindness #community #givingback #people #city #urbanlife #streethockey #pr #photography #lifestyle #special #outdooractivities #healthy

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Instagram community and followers I need your help to get acting school. I have less than 3 months to take the once in a lifetime opportunity. Please take the time to read, share, spread the word and hopefully offer your kindness to an individual soul seeking help. So to much surprise I was offered a place at Court Theatre Training Company accredited by Buckinghamshire University to commence in 3 months time in September following months of hard work and auditions. Well this consists of a big move to London and tuition fees which my students loan doesn't fully cover, so I've set up a go fund me page as I have no support or anywhere to turn to in my daily life so I am turning to the outside world in hope of acts of kindness, through unfortunate circumstance I don't have all the funding myself and due to having limited time, I have tried my utmost to save up as much as I can myself working 2 jobs but just don't have enough time to come up with the correct amount. Please take the time to follow the link in my bio or here to ready my full story about the opportunity and why I need assistance www.gofundme.com/leighsactingdream Anything will be a massive help, even as little as £1/$1 a cost of a chocolate bar could change my life and enable me to get a degree in acting and follow my dream if enough people donate. I could not put into words how important this is. If you would like to chat please drop a message. Please help me on my journey to get to acting school. I can not express how much this means to me and the impact for the better it would have on my life. If I ever make it to the big screen I won't forget you. Much love - Leigh

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It's true! Between lentils, spinach, chia seeds, oats, whole wheat breads, tahini, peanut butter, flax seeds, hearts of hemp, quinoa, beans, chick peas, spirulina , tempeh.....the list goes on.... a vegan diet is PACKED with #plantbasedprotein 🌿🍃 Animal bodies DO contain protein but think about all the others things they contain that are bad for us.... not to mention the cruel and unethical treatment it takes to mass produce them into burgers and tenders. These sources of protein are peaceful options and they are #NUTRIENTRICH !😀🙏🏼 like, SUPER DOOPER #healthy y'all! 🙆🏽🌈

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Double tap if you agree

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#Dawn of the #City #Sasazuka #Hatagaya #Shibuya #笹塚 #幡ヶ谷 #街の #夜明け 今日が始まりました Hello #Love !! Hello #People !! Today has begun Do not forget #Thanks & #Smile #Hate よりも #Love Anti- #Discrimination Not-Discrimination #Diversity #Gentleness #Kindness 世の中にはいろいろな人がいる 多様性を認める、受け入れる I hope 寛容性のある 優しい社会 豊かな社会を! People #Inspire People Tokyo is Wonderful from Tokyo #Japan

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🐐Love them, don't eat them. 💜

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Could they be any cuter?? 🐷💖🐷 . Sweet dreams my friends ✌

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