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3 days ago

So it's my 1 year single anniversary. What a big 12 months it has been! Jackson was born, random illness, 2 houses and running around with my partner in crime Chloe! Can't wait for this next year and all the fun and adventure it will bring! Thanks again to everyone that helped me get to where I am, I couldn't have done it without youxx #journey #freshstart #kidsaremyworld #bringiton

2 weeks ago

My family unit rocks, flying solo with two special needs boys, 11yo DS & 9yo ASD, ADHD & ODD sure is hard work having to parent two different parenting styles with them as one style doesn't suit both!!! We have constantly the neices and nephews to stay or visit and make our house the communal house for all the kids to come to play, have fun & making memories. When babysitting I'd usually have 7kids all up ranging from teen to baby and feel right at home with them all, easing the pressure off having my two solo. Having all the babes it makes everything so easy & the family unit of flying solo is relaxed as with all the memories and laughter you have with them all just breaks away any pressures you may feel & you just get lost in all the ❤ #familyrulesnitv #aboriginal #strongculture #familypride #flyingsolo #rockinglife #kidsaremyworld #brothaboys #sistergirls #cousinlove

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