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1 day ago

Who else here hates crowds? 🙋🏼I always go to the malls on Monday morning so no ones there 👻💕 #kerinaootd

3 days ago

Anyone know any good ghost follower removal apps? 🦄wanna get rid of all them bots 👻 #kerinaootd

5 days ago

I'm gonna eat a Caesar salad! 🍀then a Nutella gelato, a strawberry shortcake, and a chocolate eclair 🍫 #eatclean #kerinaootd

2 weeks ago

A super busy weeeeek! The weekend needs to come like RIGHT NOW 😎 #kerinaootd

2 months ago

Outfit from @shopmangorabbit ❤️wanna start vlogging but not sure if anyone's interested in watching my boring life 🤣 #kerinaootd

3 months ago

anyone wanna see some workout videos? 🏋️‍♀️My New Years resolutions are super cliche lol to get fit and work out more! 😂One motivation is to buy lots of sports gear first hehehe! 😍Jacket from @fashionnova XOKERINA for 15% off! #kerinaootd

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