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Juicing Pro-Tip: Make enough juice for 2 days. The number one thing that keeps me from juicing on the regular is that juicing is a lot of effort. A lot of chopping, a lot of time pushing the veggies and fruits through, and a lot of clean-up. All of which makes juicing slightly less appealing, which is unfortunate because I love making my own juice. Especially my own green juice. So now I make enough juice to last me for 2 days. I also prep everything in advance because kitchen prep for an entire week is my jam. I literally cannot survive without doing all of my kitchen prep on Sunday. Ok, maybe that's a tad melodramatic, but it's true. If I don't do 80% of my kitchen chopping and organizing on Sunday, I feel more stressed around meal times and eat later than I want to. This also helps me eat at the same time my kids are eating, usually. If I have most of my food prepped and ready to go (either to cook or to throw together), I can set my meal down on the table, finish putting together their food, and we all eat happily. Instead of the typical scenario: Kids scream they're hungry. Mom scrambles to get them food. Tries to shove food in her own mouth while taking care of the kids. Ends up eats bits and pieces of kids meals, scraps from leftover lunch, and a popsicle. Or she just says, "Fuck Dinner, where's my wine?" If you're done with scenario B and you want to learn how to have drama-free meals, not to mention more ease throughout the week during meal times, I would love to share my best system for a DRAMA-FREE meal. Click on the link in my bio to find out how.

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I'm extremely proud of my friend @thebostonjuicer We met in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba when I was working in Port Control. One of my jobs was to monitor ship/boat movement. They'll call in: Them: port control, uniform 2 heading to (whatever distinction) Me: copy! You have yourself a 'fish-tastic' day! (I know, professional to the max) And that's how we became the friends we are til this day. (Legit, true story) Cara, no matter how many people try to smear your name. Just remember when you stay focus and not allow yourself to be distracted. You'll be successful, and your actions will speak on your behalf. Proud of you homie and the soon to be open of your OWN STORE FRONT!!! It's really happening!! FINALLY! BOSTON JUICING COMING SOON!! #business #smallbusiness #juicing #storefront #goals

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Breakfast is served! #juicing 🍌banana ☘️broccoli 🍀carrots 🍈soursop 🍯honey

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💁🏽What is that you ask? #Fruit and #Veggies squeezed to perfection! With an abundance of #nutrients needed for sustainability the next 3 days.. all #natural cleansing to get that system back where it needs to be.. you with me? Chile, I'm not even with me. It briefed well tho. The homie said we #juicing for the next 3 days and I was like 😳! I guess it's cool. My Best friend' #wedding is a month out so I'll role with it.. But please, keep me in your #prayers . Lol

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