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S U R R O U N D yourself with people that are going to move you forward. With people that are going to help you pull that all-nighter, to make sure your code is production ready. Someone that takes time to explain concepts that otherwise wouldn't make sense. Someone who quizzes you on those concepts to make sure you actually understand them and not just saying that you do 😉 Someone you can just grab coffee with and share your biggest dreams with and actually dares you to dream bigger. When you have that extra push behind you, you can go that much further. Thank you @jdpagley for being that for me. You are a rockstar and my favorite person. Happy Favorite Person Friday @jdpagely 😍🦁

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Check out this trailer based on our ReactJS course today at Elisa HQ #FDC17 #fastdevco

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We bring the peace and quiet of our surroundings into our web development to give you the most satisfying experience.

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#Sab íasQue #JavaScript es un lenguaje popular, potente, dinámico, de secuencias de comandos que se utiliza para crear sitios web interesantes y juegos para la web. Su sintaxis se deriva en gran parte del lenguaje C. #JavaScript es compatible en todos los navegadores, y se utiliza en más del 90 por ciento de todas las páginas web. En los últimos años #JavaScript también ha ganado más terreno debido a su uso como base de Node.js, una tecnología de lado del servidor, que entre otras cosas permite la comunicación en tiempo real. En 2016, la compatibilidad y la adopción de JavaScript 6 continuaron creciendo, gracias a sus nuevas funcionalidades. #FASTERClouds #Faster #InternetOfThings #Internet #IOT #ServicioDeTelecomunicaci ón #VozIP #VoIP #InternetProtocol #ProtocolosDeInternet #Servicios #CallCenter #Gesti ónDeLlamadas #LlamadasWeb #WebCalls #Venezuela #MySQL #PHP #Java #JavaScript #LenguajeDeProgramaci ón

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Studies are said to be the time of fun and pleasure. at least that's what I've heard before I came to this point!! in one year most of my friends will spread throughout the world, where will we all be? what will we do? will we be meeting again? I don't want this to happen.. Yet there is a calendar with a countdown on my desk. 📆 The group gets smaller with every semester, we have to push harder every day. People won't meet because of no time even for themselves. ⌛👎 There are days full of disappointment, there are ones filled with joy after small successes😄 it'll be over soon, Aga, that's what you wanted - a heavy study schedule and a lot of material - don't complain now 😂 it'll worth it 💝 Especially the people💕 #university #computerscience #programming #webdev #programmer #pwr #javascript #countdown #studying #coder #future

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