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4 hours ago

With so much crazy and change on the horizon it's nice to just sit and breathe in the sunshine.

5 hours ago

Some of my best stories come from this place right here

9 hours ago

tiny boy: stole my heart away

10 hours ago

in love with this beautiful custom wood slice piece from @sfellers_designs 🌲 she created the most perfect cabin in the woods scene for me - i couldn't have imagined anything better! check out her page 💕✨

13 hours ago

"Control your fears, build your self-esteem, radiate positivity, and the world will be yours"

13 hours ago

Sundays = favorite day of the week 🌟🙏🏼

15 hours ago

My perfect summer day consists of a pool, watermelon, spike ball (which I am currently undefeated as of two days ago💪🏼), friends and family of course annnddddd the perfect straw hat from Cotton On. Yes it is true! A hat is in that list👸🏼 What's your perfect summer day? #jacimarieworkshop

16 hours ago

After a 2 hour bus ride, being dropped off in the middle of nowhere, finding a ride to this temple out of dumb luck, and ripping my skirt on the glass tiles. I still think today was pretty great 🇹🇭🙌🏽

22 hours ago

There's nothing better than chocolate for breakfast ummm I mean healthy fruit.

1 day ago

Fine day 👌🏿

1 day ago

Mitchel and I are feeling sups proud of ourselves because we made it to the gym a full 5 days this week! Buckling down and making it there feels so good mentally and physically! And I'm hoping it makes for an easier recovery post-baby. Also, that bump really came in full force this week! 🤰🏻💕💪🏽 #26weeks

1 day ago

Carrie's cute items

1 day ago

i love people who can find and appreciate the beauty in the things around them. it's the little things that matter most 🌸

1 day ago

Spending my weekend in 118+ degree weather on this thing for sure 😅

1 day ago

the Arnold Palmer pop from Deep South Pops is 💯

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