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This is @_tomhatton taking over @photoworks_uk with my recent series 'Now Here’. Day 5 of 5. Short Project Statement: . By alienating and dehumanising those seeking safety, political discourse and the mainstream media continue to distort the perception of the refugee. I felt it important to respond to this by creating a calmer and more sympathetic space from which more complex human narratives could emerge. . I use a slow large format camera to deliberately disrupt an expected documentary image. Black and white film embraces the poetic alongside the factual, which in turn implicates an interior dialogue. The absence of refugees circumvents any subconsciously held racial prejudices and forces a consideration of the physical conditions of the camp, placing focus on the objects which trace personal, social and psychological contexts. Full project link over on my bio: @_tomhatton . #photoworks_uk #instagramtakeover #calaisrefugeecamp

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De bootjes gaan weer varen van @aanhetroer ! Dan weet je dat de zomer begint!

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Plantjesmarkt op Onze Lieve Vrouwekerkhof op vrijdag. Een feest voor het oog! Laat de zomer maar beginnen :)

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Safety a top a concrete world. The Burj Khalifa, Dubai. #instagramtakeover ----------------------------- Hello :) I'm Zahra Amiruddin (@zahra.amiruddin), a freelance journalist and photographer based in Bombay. My tryst with photography has been a fairly recent affair, having worked as a writer with various publications over the past three years. I tend to romanticise the world around me, and more often than not, it seeps into my words and photographs. In 2015, I took four months off to study a semester through Italy and Greece at the @aegeancenter for the fine arts. While we travelled through Italy for a month studying art history, our home base was on an island called Paros, 5 hours away from Athens. That's where I'd say it all came together, my passion for the darkroom, for image-making, and seeing the world in the form of reflections. This week, I'll be putting up photographs that I've made of moments around me reflected across various surfaces. #mumbaiartmap #asiaartprojects #focusfestivalmumbai #loveart #mumbaiart #instagramtakeover #instagram #reflections #dubai #nofilter #shotoniphone #iphone6 #iphoneonly #photooftheday #creativeimagemagazine #burnmagazine #uae #baby #father #colour #photographer

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Warning: long introductory post ahead!! 😀 Goodmorning from sunny Sydney, Australia. I'm doing #takeoverfriday at @passioncolorjoy today! My name is Alexandra and I'm an abstract artist who works in acrylics. I enjoy intuitive painting and making it up as I go along! I'm also an actor, so painting is a great way to use up some of my leftover creative energy. I have two little girls and my husband and I both work from home, and we travel a lot. So life is pretty upside down most of the time! If you want to check me out I'm at @alexandraplim 😀

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