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Gonna miss you guys tonight. Stupid work!

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#jbsbeardproductreviews - As we approach the halfway point of 2017, I wanted to shout out the best six products I've tried so far this year. 'Mama's Boy' by @hungrywolfbeardcompany. 'Wayfarer' by @blacksoulchoirbeardco. 'Business Blend' by @burtonsbeardoil. 'Alibi' by @simplemanbrand. 'Mosaic' by @bluemountainbeardco. 'Black Brew' by @skullysctzbeardoil. Check out their pages if you haven't already. I would 100% recommend all of these to anyone and everyone with a beard. I assume all six will be on the list of 12 for the #jbs12daysofbeardcare in December and doing remarkable damage in the 2017 #jbsbeardscentevent (if it happens). It's been a slow year as far as quantity but the sheer quality of the products has never been higher. I could've included a bunch more for sure. Thanks guys and gals! ------------------------------------

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