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Tank: The first chapter of ARRO is called deployment. Let's start there. How long did it take you to get this project out? Ali: 8 years. When I met Tara she had been drawing one of these characters forever and had a rough idea for a zombie comic. I didn't want to do a zombie comic, so we worked together to create something new. Tank: How do you even start stories? What do you need? It's seems really hard to know where you open it all. Ali: I think any story needs a hook, to keep you interested. @neilhimself is the ultimate at this. The way he starts #sandman is so smart, he sets up a whole world in this small, personal way with only three characters. I like atmospheric storytelling, which is what we tried for starting this story way back when. But I realize most people like and need more story than I do to get invested (I'm pretty satisfied with beautiful words and imagery). So context. Context and intrigue, that's what you need to start a story. I hope with our new intro we got close. - It's does everyone. She nails it. Stay tuned as we dive into the story more later today. Feel free to post comments or questions to Ali below. #writer #copywriting #agency #sidehustle #illustration #comics #design #art

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