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Freaking obsessed....wish I was home and could snuggle up on the couch and read this. I was not happy when I had to stop because lunch was over. Anyone read this book yet?

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I had a few treats this weekend (and today 🙈) that I normally wouldn't. I'm human and we all make mistakes. No weightloss journey is perfect but what's important is that I'm not giving up! This will not break me and I will push forward. I have accomplished so much and have no plans of stopping. ❤️❤ #justthebeginning #weightlossjourney #dontgiveup #getfit #igotgoals #keepgoing

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You know what day it is! #TransformationTuesday is my favorite because it’s my progress check. It’s my gut checks with myself because I put it out there so much. • • Now why would I do that, well I want to share how I’m feeling, and how this life keeps me so accountable. Now it’s not just for me to tell you to use these programs and products but to motivate you to evaluate how you are doing. Finding what works for you is important and this is what works for me. At home workouts that I get to do on my time, no judgements, all my own way, start to finish, program to program, with that online accountability. • • You might have a system that works for you, a gym membership you love, a class you love taking, Crossfit, whatever it is. This is my weekly reminder to you, to see how it’s working for you. Now I don’t mean can you see weight loss or inches lost, maybe that’s not your goal. Maybe your goal is to gain muscle or just confidence and to fit into clothes that you haven’t worn in a while. Maybe it’s to create healthier habits, maybe it’s to be able to have a healthy family someday. These are some of my goals and it’s just a nice benefit to see the muscle definition and the belly flatten. Now I want a flat stomach and if that’s what you want that’s okay too. • • What do you want? Is what you’re doing working? If it isn’t I hope you reach out to me and DM me. I’ve been around the block before and kinda know how to help people even if it’s just setting more attainable goals doing it at the gym or following your program. We just need to make some tweaks. • • Happy Transformation Tuesdays! If you have one I want to see it!! Share yours below 👇🏼 if you are having success let’s celebrate together. 🎉

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☄Transformation Tuesday☄ The weightloss isn't the only Transformation that I can see in these pictures. The internal transformation is extreme!! 😀 After having my first daughter in 2013 I was 60 pounds overweight and extremely unhappy with myself. I was feeling hopeless because I didn't think I could come back from the weight gain. So I threw myself into working and tried to be ignore how I felt about my body. Then I got pregnant again and I part of me was really sad because I knew having another baby would mean I was going to gain even more weight. 😔You see the trend here? I was focusing so much on hating my body instead of loving it for creating two beautiful miracle babies. ❤ Nick never cared how much weight I gained or lost, he has always loved me and appreciated the work I had to do to bring our cuties into the world. Thinking back on it, I wish I could have loved myself then as much as he did. I didn't start learning how to love my body until I started focusing on my nutrition 🍉🍈🍎🍑🍆 and my fitness🏋💪. And even after I lost the majority of that weight, I didnt really learn how to treat myself well until I became a Beachbody coach. The most important thing I have gathered is that your love for your family and friends is deeper and more genuine when you also love yourself. 💞Learning to love yourself is a process, a journey. It is never to late to start that journey!! With the combination of Nutrition➕Fitness➕Support we can get you on the path to a happy and healthy life!! #goals #igotgoals #rvliving #rvlife #momboss #momlife #wahm #sahm #workfromhome #gethealthy #grow #smile #happy #lovelife #marriage #transformationtuesday #bestfriends

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After a few days of not working out, I am getting back into it. So today if you don't see a sweaty selfie of me by the end of the day I want you to message me and nag me until you do..ok?

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✳this is my workspace this afternoon while I touch base with some of my challengers about their health and fitness goals and get some work done before my job tonight because I have a shorter shift. ✳nothing fancy but I find if I create a space for myself it helps me stay alert and focused. With my coffee ☕️water, some fruit, a candle and good music... I'm good to go! ❇oh and my meal prep for tonight and a healthy shake (frosty the way I make it) before I work out and go to work???OK sign me up Make it a great day everybody!🌺🌺🌺🌺 #igotgoals #mealprep #fitness #createyourspace #doyou #communityandsupport

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