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3 hours ago

I picked a card and got this one. I love it as it is a reminder to connect with my inner self and vibrate high in my feminine power. By the way you pretty boys you have an inner Goddess too! 💜💖💙 @ValerieBottazzi

8 hours ago

Do yours and learn from it, that is cold bone fact. . I know it says man, but gender doesn't matter to success 🔝 . Good night I am Alive Family. . P.s. Hit the like of you made a mistake that give you a life lesson that is priceless 😀

11 hours ago

you feel because you are growing, you're changing and evolving, you're alive and that's such a beautiful thing #iamalive

13 hours ago

That one is powerful. If you truly realise the core of this message you know what is your next step in life. Make a decision that will benefit your life for better. I know we all have different agendas and different ambitions, but choosing the easy way won't always be the right way. . Double tap if you agree, and hit the comment bellow, what is your point of view on the quote. . Thanks for supporting me @matjazmdoverfreedomcoach, I will keep digging up the industry to support you with my daily dose of motivation. Yo are amazing, you are one of the kind. I am, We are ALIVE!!!

13 hours ago

Otro nivel....!!! I M P R E S I O N A N T E #IAmAlive

14 hours ago

Just one word "MAGICAL" truly magical. From meeting my favourite ppl in the world to back being a kid again. There is no way I could sum up the last few days. I actually lost count of how many surprises I received in one day or in one week. Lucky to be alive and lucky to be living life. Be loved so much by everyone. Thank you so much to my adorable N most loving n kindest guy in my life for making sure I had the best time. I promise I will listen to you more now on😋😋 well not promise I will try 😂. #BestWeekEver 👊👊 #ImetabeautifuladorbaleDoll @hayley.erbert #IactuallyspoketoDerekthistime @derekhough #MagicalKisses 😝😝 #LoveYouNeil #IhavethecoolestMomever #FIRSTOUTINGIN6MONTHS #2BRAINSURGERIESIN5MONTHS #IAMALIVE

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