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@ebennet247 I'm so incredibly happy to see you after 7 long years, my lord how we have changed, not much in height cuz we rock being short, hehe. I'm so blessed to have seen you this weekend, a million thank you to you and your family, I still remember having sleepover at your house and staying up half the night talking, going out to the balcony at night and looking down from your apartment, I remember how inseparable we were at church and how when you were about to leave we wrote in each other slam book (idk if that's even a thing now lol) and we said we'll always"BFF" Haha so childish I know, but that innocence and love is so beautiful to remember and before leaving that night we hugged and cried so many times ugh. You were my first best friend girl. It was so amazing just to go back and refresh those memories, you've become more gorgeous and more Lovely than ever and It was such a joy to see you being used by God today,it just lifted my spirit. Thank you again for evrything. Hope to see you again boo #seattle #myfavorite #humaninterest #kbye

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