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Squad goals. Tag your crew ▪Photo: unknown ▪Follow @new.billionaire for more great luxury💎 DON'T BE SELFISH, TAG A FRIEND👍

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Tap for sound 🔊 Every year, dogs suffer & die in parked cars when their guardians have left them - even for "just a minute". Never leave your dog in a hot car! 🐶 So what do you do when you see a dog suffering in the back of someone’s vehicle? You should call the alarm number and ask for the police, telling them that you’ve found a dog in a hot car. If the situation becomes critical and the police can’t get there fast enough, you may want to smash the window and rescue the dog yourself. First, tell the police that you’re going to smash the window to rescue the dog. Then, take photos or video footage of the dog in the car to prove that it was - suffering. If there are any witnesses, take down their names and numbers so they can back you up later if necessary. Your dog is your best friend ❤

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