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15 non fitness related facts about me tagged by @leahhollfitness 💃🏽 1. I'm obsessed with all animals 2. I have been horseriding for 15 years and have my own horse called doughnut🍩 3. I've only ever read one book in my life which was of mice and men for English which I really liked because Lenny was jokesss (if you've read it you'll understand me)😂 4. I've always loved cooking and always watch cooking channels 5. I used to want to be a vet or a horse physiotherapist 6. I am absolutely obsessed with taking pictures of food 7. I loveeeeee London 💕 8. I lost my mum when I was 15 yrs old😇 9. Im really good with giving advice and helping my friends with any issues 10. I used to do so many different sports but sadly I don't do any now👎🏽 11. I'm very competitive over anything! 12. I HATE fish with a passion 13. I don't eat pork 14. I secretly got a dog behind my dads back and pretended a family friend bought her for me and 3 years later he still doesn't know the truth..woops 15. I'm very shy until you get to know me @lauren_gymfitness @glutenfreealice @heidilifts @lucybefit_ 💕💕💕😘 #healthy #fitness #facts #eatclean #healthychoices #lifestyle #horse #motivation #love #girl #bestfriend

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Lovely 10yo Chappie Spirit (v. Tenerife VDL) ♥️ showing his skills at Stal Naber Lozeman #eventinghorse #horse

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