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That's something I don't miss about horses 🐴 Especially on a day like today when it rained so much!

40 minutes ago

I Know This Sounds Awful But It Actually Does Suck 😭... I'm Not The Type Of Girl To Purposely Ruin A Relationship Or Find My Way Towards Him So I Just Sit Back And Either Wait Or Move On. I Can't Ever Stand To Ruin Something So True. Honestly, I'm Not 24/7 Crushing Due To The Facts, But When I See Him My Heart Flutters. I'm Not Wrong For My Feelings, But I Control My Actions. Instead Of Doing What Some Sneaky Girls Do, I'm Chill About It. Plus, If You're Not The Right Girl For A Guy, Then He Will Never Love You Like 'the Right Girl'.... My Loyalty And Everything Is Sooo On Point "Baby, I Would Treat You Right😔" 😂...Yet, Obviously She's Doing Her Thing Right And I'm Happy To See You Happy So I Let That Be.. I Can't Ruin Something So Real, I just can't. Anyway, I'm Happy For You.. But I'll Wait And Keep My Distance.. Give Me A Call When You're Ready. Lmaoo Jk, you don't even know I exist 😂😂😂.. I'm Weird Asf. I'm Such A Hopeless Romantic. -Darque Rosé 🖤🌹✨ #freak #crush #hopelessromantic #motorcycle #swirl #lgbtq #love #heavymetal #bwwm #idkanymore

57 minutes ago

**I will have poetry in my life. And adventure. And love. LOVE above all**

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