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Day 22 // NEED #momentsmatter2017 Something I NEED is to change my focus. My focus at times is on all the things wrong in my life instead of the joy that can be found through the bad. I am always searching for Joy in my day. The circumstances in our lives shouldn't determine our joy. We get to choose joy through all the bad days. That's hard to take in sometimes. But it's true. In church today we studied a talk from General Conference from President Russell M Nelson titled "Joy and Spiritual Survival" you should go to LDS.org and read it. On the board the teacher wrote "Saints can be happy in any circumstance if our focus is on Jesus Christ. I really needed this talk today. Where is your focus? What things do you need to cut out to refocus on our savior and find the joy in our lives? I'm going to work on refocusing my life. #dailydropsofjoy #joy #peace #happy #happiness #findjoy #havejoy #havejoytoday #collectmemories #moments #need #focus #generalconference #Hisday #sharegoodness #becauseofhim

4 hours ago

Church was SO good today! It was what I needed after a difficult week. Talks about faith, lessons on choices, and songs about Christ's love for us. My bucket was filled today and I felt the Spirit so strong. #yearsleyclan #lds #Hisday

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#saviorsunday "Our Faith in Christ Allows Us to Cling a Thread of Hope"-Elizabeth Wang // "God, who oversees the interlacings of galaxies, stars, and worlds, asks us to confess His hand in our personal lives. Have we not been reassured about the fall of one sparrow and the very hairs of our heads are numbered? God is in the details! Just as the Lord knows all of His vast creations, He also knows and loves each in any crowd—indeed, He knows and loves each and all of mankind! Brothers and sisters, though living in a time of commotion, we can stand in holy places and not be moved. Though living in a time of violence, we can have that inner peace that passeth understanding. Perplexing things will still happen, but, like Nephi, we can still know that God loves us, a felicitous and fundamental fact which can and will sustain us through so much!"-Neal A. Maxwell #Hisday -K

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