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HMU still got a few boxes left!! $40 Memorial Day Boxes!!! Comes with juice/tea, brownie, cupcake, cereal treat, lollipop and 3 cookies😋😋* substitution will be extra* 🏍 Delivery($7) Will Be Out Today!! HMU if you're having a party 🎉 or gathering....I can be of assistance. Thanks for the support 💪🏽💪🏽😎 Juice/Tea bottles available....Brownies, Cookies, Cupcakes (Funfetti), Cereal Treat Squares/G-Balls (Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Fruity Peebles, Fruit Loops, Cinnabon) Lollipops......You already know...Back at it again with the edibles....😂😂👀💯😋😋😋🍃🍪 I love this yo! 💪🏽💪🏽🍃🍃 #coconutoil #healthy #highereating #life #herbal #healthylife #gangja SnapChat Bmore05

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SEASONAL ALLERGIES: SPRING Mold growth blooms inside and outside after spring rains. When flowers, trees, weeds, and grasses begin to blossom, allergies will follow Spring-Cleaning activities can stir up dust mites, so be sure to: 🌸Wash your bedding every week in hot water to help keep pollen under control 🌸Wash your hair before going to bed, since pollen can accumulate in your hair 🌸Wear a mask and gloves when cleaning or painting to limit dust and chemical inhalation and skin exposure 🌸Vacuum twice a week 🌸Limit the number of throw rugs in your home to reduce dust and mold 🌸Make sure the rugs you do have are washable 🌸Change air filters often - With all this rain we've been getting this spring I've been in such a funk. Low on energy and feeling the effects of the weather on my body. These tips and tricks are helpful in preventing bad allergy issues. - #seasonalallergies #springallergies #allergyrelief #springcleaning #goodbyeallergies

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Petit #latergram de mon déjeuner 😇 🔹Cordon bleu 🔹Carottes râpés 🔹Concombre 🔹Chou rouge 🔹Raisins rouges Un temps hyper lourd sur Paris. J'espère qu'il va pleuvoir parce que la clim s'est bien mais j'ai pas envie de tomber malade 😂 J'ai passé mon après-midi à regarder des films qu'AB distribue. Quand tu n'as rien à faire c'est plutôt cool 😁 Ce soir, pastèque si j'ai faim parce que là ce n'est pas du tout le cas! 😅 #tbc #musculation #sport #fitness #fitgirl #weightloss #reequilibragealimentaire #healthylife #healthy #nutrition #nopainnogain #motivation #diet

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Wild is not who lives in nature but who destroys it.

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