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From a little 6x10 room, To a 1400sq foot office, To our new 4500 sq ft space. We've come a long way in less than 3 years, We went from bootstrapped to busting at the seams. We've changed a lot of lives along the way, And we've got a lot more to do. What's the secret sauce to starting from scratch with zero dollars in your bank account to this? Do the right thing for people and never make it just about money. Do what you love and ooze that passion everywhere you go. Sometimes things get tough, People come and go, Things change and you need to adapt. You gain a tribe who loves you and a few haters who want to see you fail but secretly love you because they copy every move you make. If I did it and I'm still doing it you can do it to. Tag someone you know who started at the bottom and made it, who does the right thing. #hardwork #wellness #entrepreneur

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Eternal loneliness. When you`ve spent most of your life alone, you have a different perspective on everything. You can`t understand what you`ve been told about the coziness of partnership. Why anything should be a reason to drop the lifestyle you`re accustomed to. Couples have problems, too. You know? When you even feel lonely while in a group, it gets more difficult. I`m that type of guy. There was exactly one timespan in my life when I felt connected to someone. Really did. Still do. But I ain`t. Training and writing are still there, making music went on hiatus. Why do I tell you about this at all? Maybe you feel the same way. And you still can do what you are capable of. Be yourself. #beyourself #hardwork #faith #alloutofbubblegum #trust #love #carpediem #eternalloneliness

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Hey coucou tout le monde j'espère que ca va ? 🔥 . Voila la shape du moment je suis assez satisfait les efforts de ma sèche commence à payer !!! 🙏🏻😊 Et vous avez vous attaqué votre sèche pour l'été ? 🤔😏 . #genetiquementincroyable #transformation #fitnessmodel #fitnessmotivation #aesthetic #healthyfood #gymmotivation #gym #gains #follow #physique #hardwork #abs #menphysique #training #fitfam #eatclean #exercise #tattoo #teamshape #progression #satisfaction #fitness #fitnessaddict #model #motivation #beautiful #frenchmodel #sixpack

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Compartiendo esta deliciosa hamburguesa con mis socios.

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The sQuba, developed by Swiss company Rinspeed, is the world's first car that can be driven both on land and under water. 💦😅

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