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The biggest risk in life is not taking one.

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Walau usaha banget pakek softlens, smpek Mata Merah, pas acara mati listrik jadi Gantibaju Dan make up di dapur letak peralatan make up di atas kompor Dan setelah photo di luar pakek baju adat gayo badai langsung Datang sehingga gk puas pakek baju gayo nya karna dah keburu pusing pakai sunting gayo nya tapi itu pengalaman luar biasa di dalam hidup Saya, apalagi untuk di make up itu gk pernah tapi liat hasil nya pgen jadi pengantin lagi tapi yg make @griyapengantintkn tq bnyak #married #happiness #makeup #adatgayo

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Goodbye sewing machine, until next con! Omg guys, I did it!!! I finished all my cosplays 4 days before con! Honestly though, I would not have done it without the help of @yelainamaycosplay for the wonderful jacket she made me for the one cosplay I'm doing on Sunday. @beatbot1 for the beautiful wings @emily_lass for saving my butt by letting me borrow her brunette wig, because I'm a chicken poop and don't want to cut the long one I have. @nobleactions for motivating me without realizing she did. Her excitement on hearing about my Friday cosplay caused me to get off my lazy ass and make it happen especially when I have been dealing with a lot of stuff lately. Noble, you have no idea how much your words meant to me the night of the NSF con. It's the little things that count. @garrettrwang for putting up with my grunts while cutting, pinning, unpinning, more cutting and pinning. I'm truly blessed with having amazing people in my life and I'm excited that I get to spend the next few days having a blast with Kealy before I have to leave her for the con. 💞🤓 #YYC #calgaryexpo #love #happiness #friends #cosplay #canadiancosplay #Family

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